Chronological Updates To The Web Page


Update Done



added pics of house
pictures from my basement suite back in 1987.
added pics of AJ
pictures from the first Anime Jyanai on Renfrew Street
Anime Jyanai
added radio calls
my calls to National Radio shows
fixed vanity link
Vanity searches on Google of my name

musical limerick
made a music mashup for St. Patrick's Day

year of 2009
Rest of the year 2009 in pictures
Trevor born
First pictures of Trevor as he is born
Aniki December
Many brother birthday party Dec 2007
2007 aniki
crab trip in August 2007
Ascension FAQ
my high scores on Ascension  IOS
added keytar FAQ
maintence of my Korg RK-100 keytar
updated magic wall
added entries to the AJ Wall of Magic
(wow, an update after 3 years!)
Magic cards

1/22/10 added pics added front pages from Globe & Mail for my birthday days My day
1/22/10 roughed in 2009 added entries for 2009 2009
12/30/09 updated otaku dad added entries otaku_dad
12/30/09 added AE 07 pic found a pic of me from AE 2007 ae2007
2/24/09 fixed links opened links 2008/2009 and opened links to phase 2 of renos renos 2
2/13/2009 updated quiz link corrected skill testing quiz link skills test
2/12/2009 updated family page added wife and daughter and links family
2/12/2009 baby names updated how I named my son baby names
2/2/2009 updated renos in '07 added my EXTREME kitchen reno pictures kitchen renovations
2/1/2009 updated New Year '07 added more pics for New Years Party 2007 New Year
1/29/2009 added baby son pics My new son! Pics! Trevor Chow
1/28/2009 updated blog moved stories of Stupid Customers from my AOLblog to my own site Stupid Customers Blog
1/28/2009 updated sudoku FAQ added in examples of harder sudokus sudokus

9/20/2008 added AE 2008 Anime Evolution Convention log AE 2008
5/16/2008 added yearbook scans I scanned in my grad class pages from Lakewood Jr. Secondary 1982/83. Lakewood
2/25/2008 updated Comicon 95 / 98 I updated some of the details in our road trip to San Diego Comic Con 1995 and 1998 Comicon 95

Comicon 98

2/18/2008 added pictures for some old friends I added new photos for Barry Christoff and James Baxter. Barry


2/17/2008 added FAQ for VirtualdubMOD how to mux OGG, add subtitles, karaokes video FAQs
1/4/2008 added reno pics my new kitchen from scratch Kitchen Reno

12/30/2007 added New Year party 2005 added pictures from New Years Party of Dec 31, 2005. 2005 New Years
12/1/2007 corrected links fixed some of the links in 2007 2007
10/4/2007 weddings added Mikal's wedding pics and Dan's wedding pics Mikal & Jeannie

Dan & Purisima

8/30/2007 Anime Evolution added karaoke pics for AE 2007 AE 2007
7/25/2007 updated Anime Jyanai added Saveun's picture to the archive site Saveun
7/25/2007 Updated old friends added Evan Delay to the old friends roster and made a sub-page for him Evan Delay
7/25/2007 added pictures added Captain Ron's Icon to Ron Cheung's profile Capt. Ron
7/18/2007 added MKV FAQ How to decode Matroska video and audio files. MKVextract
7/1/2007 updated new friends Completed the upgrade to the Renfrew crew under new friends. Renfrew
6/4/2007 starting up a sale section putting up items for sale, so I have a template for Ebay or Facebook or whatever. I will put up the items after August's Anime Evolution. For Sale
5/30/2007 updated picture for Pat Zanette He found my profile on Pat Zanette
5/29/2007 changed counter looks like the free web hit counter from BCentral died, so I switched to a free one from
5/27/2007 activited my own blog and comment page my first article, which customer reward program is the best? Airmiles? Optimum? Superstore? blogs


5/27/2007 web page moved Location of server has moved from Vancouver to some little town just out of Edmonton.
5/5/2007 added Magic cards added our comedy Magic Cards to my Anime Jyanai archive site Magic cards
4/3/2007 revamped new friends reformated and divided my friends section according to periods corresponding to each location of my store Anime Jyanai. new friends
4/2/2007 added VJAS and Anime Jyanai and the old version of the Aniki Online archive sites under fame. opened up a new link to put all the archived pictures for the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society, Aniki On Line (AOL) and Anime Jyanai. VJAS

Anime Jyanai

Aniki Online

3/27/2007 updated PGSS I have added more pictures and details for Pat Zanette, Heather Davidson, Ron Walberg, Geordie Birch, and Brian Payne. PGSS
3/13/2007 added Northwood opened up my Video Hobbies link with my first fan dedication web page for the TV series "Northwood". Northwood
2/26/2007 corrected bible store crap based on an email response, I reworded and clarified my opinion about a store in urban slum of Prince George. Religious crap
2/25/2007 updated PGSS I have added more pictures and details for Tom Cartwright, and Lana Neil. PGSS
2/2/2007 sudoku FAQ Hints on how to solve sudoku puzzles sudoku
2/1/2007 updated PGSS people I have added more pictures and details for Erik Kiss, Joe Henry, and Kent Nadeau. PGSS
1/29/2007 added PGSS people I have added some more pictures and details for Laurie Makowski, Jennifer Perry, and Matthew Pearce. PGSS
1/11/2007 wedding photos finally got around to posting up some of my wedding photos wedding

12/7/2006 revamped more PGSS people I have added some more pictures and details for Dan Richter, Calvin Townsend, Rosemary Brbot, David Uruquart, Trent Blair, and Jamie Baxter. PGSS
11/14/2006 revamped more PGSS people I have added some more pictures and details for Jennifer Perry, Erik Kiss, Ryan Kogelhyde, Marne Stafford, David Birch, Trish Clarke, Colleen Moshenko, Gerry Phillips, Wendy Wiseman, Marc Edelman, Laura Funk, Daphne McDonald, Todd Vogt, and Andrew Coates. PGSS
11/9/2006 revamping grad pages I am designing the PGSS friends page so all the information is on each person's separate page. I have finished Paige Ackerman, Barry Christoff, Ana Katalinic, Jana Prozeniuk and Erik Kiss, so far. PGSS page
10/31/2006 added obscure music a dedication page for some really old music obscure music
9/20/2006 revamping directories re-grouping all annual pictures into one directory and repairing links. There should be no changes to the look of the page. Please report any broken links to me. thanks contact me
9/19/2006 added VJAS pictures found old pictures from Derek's web site VJAS
9/13/2006 Otaku Dad page Changes to my otaku life, with the arrival of my wife, Ami. Otaku Dad
9/11/2006 added PGSS notes added internet notes on people I have found, I will incorporate this information back into the PGSS page at a later date. PGSS Notes
8/28/2006 added My Day A detailed list of what happened on my birthdays. May 30
8/28/2006 added internet and MIA subpages Famous PGSS internet people and names of people from Prince George I am searching for. PGSS
8/28/2006 added page for Ed Chow added stories and obituary Ed Chow
8/23/2006 AE 2006 report added pictures and stories from Anime Evolution 2006 AE2006
8/2/2006 AE 2005 Karaoke added pictures for the Karaoke Anime Evolution
7/31/2006 added page for Joel Turner added comments and obituary Joel
5/1/2206 added China trip pictures and stories from China 2006 China 2006
4/18/2006 added food section my favourite and not so favourite foods foods
4/2/2006 added pictures Sakura Con 2006 pictures

Anime Evolution 2005 pictures

Sakura Con

Anime Evolution

3/27/2006 added 2006 link and Sakura Con 2006 First entry for 2006, Seattle's Sakura Con 2006 2006

Sakura Con

3/20/2006 added Video FAQ How to rip DVD-RW's VRO files from a stupid Sony HandyCam Sony SUCKs
2/10/2006 New Year 2004 pics added party pics from 2004-2005 New Years Party New Year
1/2/2006 added Video FAQ how to handle video encoding tutorial Video

12/28/2005 added female idols My favourite female idols
10/14/2005 updated fame section Wow, someone does actually come to my web site! A director from Star Trek, called me to have an image of a letter he wrote me removed off the web site. He has well warranted concerns about his privacy. So I have censored the entire letter sans the letterhead, and editted his name so it just reads "Star Trek Guy". Star Trek Guy
9/28/2005 AOL blog 2 I am starting to blog some of the weird customers I get at work. It was something I wish I had done in my Radio Shack days. AOL Blog2
9/28/2005 web site moved I have had problems accessing my site on the W3 Servers for a month now, so I switched again to my friend Randy who hosted my site before on weyland-yutani's site. Same URL just a different DNS,
9/22/2005 AOL blog I just started to use the blogger on AOL because it has Trillian IM support. AOL Blog
9/22/2005 Erik Kiss updated the entry with internet hits Erik
9/21/2005 Calvin Townsend created a personal page under old friends Calvin
9/20/2005 Barry Christoff created a personal page under old friends Barry
9/20/2005 Andrew Coates created a personal page under old friends Andrew
9/19/2005 Ana Katalinic created a personal page under old friends Ana
9/18/2005 Allison Girvan created a personal page under old friends Allison
9/13/2005 google searching google searched existing list of PGSS grads Internet PGSS
9/9/2005 emails & MIA PGSS 1985 grads "Missing In Action" MIA
9/1/2005 PGSS 2005 reunion Special Dedication page for PGSS 1985 grads PGSS 1985 grads
8/23/2005 AE 2005 Anime Evolution 2005 review AE 2005
6/19/2005 vanity page added the anime searches Anime
5/25/2005 vanity page added the Vancouver searches Vancouver
5/2/2005 MSN space made and put pics on MSN's My Space MSN
5/2/2005 China Trip done finished descriptions for week 9 in China Week 9
2/23/2005 China 2005 trip First pictures from Shenyang China China 2005

12/13/2004 more San Deigo 2003 I added some pictures taken by Victor SD 2003


Wishlow Party

Michael's and Anna's going away party


12/8/2004 VJAS BBQ 2004 put pictures of this summer's BBQ party BBQ 2004
12/2/2004 activated artbook link opened new link to put my artbook collection artbooks
12/1/2004 activated family link opened new link to put family stuff Family
12/1/2004 added more stats Added more favourites to the stats page Stats
11/22/2004 Prince George Pictures My Prince George Revisted 2004 Tour Prince George
11/10/2004 Arctic Animation dedication page A page of letters from devoted fans of the fansubbing company I created. Arctic Animation
10/4/2004 update history fix up the chronological updates history at the bottom of this page so the old data conforms to the new data. updates


added pictures of my room

some pictures I took with my new digital camera of my room



added info for Langrissa

added Langrissa FX information to the Langrissa FAQ



add May's pictures

my sister's birthday last year pictures



add VJAS pictures

new pictures from Trout Lake anime meetings



corrected some birthday pics

Marty corrected me on one my birthday pics from 1976 to put to 1974.



added internet radio to hobbies

add voice samples from when I did a Paltalk Internet radio show.



corrected pictures 1989/90

fixed date error in San Deigo 1990 pictures, moved them to 1989 and put the proper ones in.




added karaoke songs

from Daisuke's birthday party



added bowling pics

from the 3 Anikis Birthday



Anime Evolution 2004

my angle of the largest Vancouver anime con!



opened 1981

family group shot



added 1987 house pics

Ron Walberg and friends pictures.



added thanksgiving 1989

One of the last Thanksgiving parties at my old house



opened up 1990

some pictures from Comic Con 1990



opened up 1989

some pictures of my old Battison suite



added pictures of my room

what old 80's bands covered my wall?



added chi wong writing

adding Chinese writing for a song I am looking for from an old Chinese TV series



corrected dates for 10th

by adding Dee's pictures, I realized I dated his birthday improperly. Pictures were moved from 1980 to 1977,



added grade 3,4 pics

Added Quinson Class photos grade 3,4 from Dee Kent. Thank you so much.




San Deigo 2004 Report

Finished the main draft for this years trip to Comic Con 2004. Probably could use some more fleshing out but it is good enough for now.



added pics to Aka 2000

Added some pictures from Jack's camera for Aka Con 2004.



added Dee Kent's party pics

Added two pictures that Dee Kent sent me of his Birthday party. After doing so, I noticed the date of the party has to be incorrect. I will leave it for now and fix it when I figure out what it is suppose to be.



New Web Update section

Stopped using E-Z board to do updates



Para Para Paradise Machine

bought the Para machine from CHQ



Sakura Con 2004

pictures and report from the convention




pictures from end of August's BBQ



Langrissa FAQ

added my old Langrissa FAQ



DOAxBVb and Neo Nectaris

added Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Neo Nectaris FAQs



new karaoke songs

revised some of new karaoke MP3s



opened up 1996

laser tag sessions



Anime Evolution 2003

pictures and report



This Day In History

added a page with events that happened on my birthday May 30th...



opened links 1994 & 1995

San Deigo Comic Con Reports




New friends link

added a place to put all the people I met in Vancouver



San Deigo Comic Con 2003

Report and pictures



opened 1973 to 1981 links

found lots of old baby and kid pics



fixed broken links 1970-2

some of the pictures were not loading



Sakura Con 2003 pictures

LAME cosplay and other pictures and report



opened FAQ link

My FAQ for Drummania



opened stats lini

put a my personal information here



Christmas party 2002

added pictures of party



added old friends

revising how the old friends from PG page works because is really starting to suck!!



opened Favourite music link

added my favourite songs section with lists and MP3 samples



arcades in Vancouver

some stories from the arcades of Vancouver



opened karaoke link under Hobbies

yes, listen to our horrible singing.... MP3 downloads available.



Sakura Con 2002

Here are my trip to Seattle for the convention. Lots of Cosplay!

Sakura Con


Magic Gathering DC

Magic The Gathering Dreamcast FAQ to the FAQ section.



added 1967,8,9

found old baby pictures to open 1967, 1968 and 1969

1967, 1968, 1969


page counter

added counter to front page from



Lakewood Jr Sec pictures + Grad pics

I have added to the year 1983, my Lakewood Grad year. I have added pictures around the school as well as the grad dinner shots. I had to modify Paige's page just slightly to optimize the code. Feel free to have a look. I do need some help with some of the names on some of the pictures as I can't quite remember all the people's name as pictured.



Ryan's Party

I have now added a section of party pictures from Ryan's one year anniversary of grad. I also modified Paige, Marne and Dave's web pages to conserve on space since I moved all the extra pictures to the Ryan's Party folder

Ryan's Party


contact page

updated more ways to contact me.



Colin's Wedding

pictures for Colin Remedios's Wedding


8/21/02 Server went bobo!

My internet services which were graciously supplied by Weyland-Yutani went bye-bye... Thus is down!! Thankfully, the nice people at allowed me to host my pages on their server. They have assigned me, and to host my Anime Jyanai, VJAS and AnikiOnline pages. Please use these DNS entries until I get INTERNIC corrected.

8/11/02 E-Z board link I have decided to try E-z board out. Lets see if it is functional enough for my usage. It wasn't, too much pop up and stupid spam so in Oct 2005, I switched all the updates back to this page. Maybe I will create my own php thing to track messages in the future.