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Lakewood Junior Secondary School, LJSS for short, is where I spent 3 years of my life for grades 8, 9, and 10. Undoubtably, it was the some of the most happiest times of my life. We were so carefree. We didn't have to worry about things like bills, taxes, and where our next meal was coming from. Our worries were things like, finishing our never ending pile of math homework, finding spare quarters to go to arcade with, and of course, who is holding a house party this weekend! Of course, at that time, it was also whose house were were going to trash and who the older sibling we need to get to buy us the booze.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Web page of my stories from Lakewood

Classrooms Of Lakewood

We wander from room to room for our classes. This particular one is about as average as they come.

This is Mr. Vanleyenhorst's Social Studies Class.

From left to right : Linda, Jacquie, and Deanna (all standing). Wade and Blaine are sitting.

In this silly little class, I think the tedious memorization of stupid facts and current events made it surprisingly interesting.

From left to right : Jacquie, Wendy, Deanna, Laurie (who was the yearbook editor).

Some of the sillyness, well I guess were all kinda silly.

From left to right : Byron, Jacquie, Blaine (sleeping), Linda, Erik and Bruce (standing), Vineeta, and Christine.

This shot of the window reminds me that this class was on the second floor.

From left to right : George (standing), Greg, Wade, Dale, Bruce (cheering), Pat and Barry..

Lakewood Hallways

The crowded hallways of Lakewood. We didn't have a cafeteria so we sat around our lockers for most of lunch hour doing homework, chatting and eating lunch. Well, some of us did....

From left to right, Teresa Beich, Allison Girvan, and Tammy Williams (she was in my sister's year).

Long Long dark hallways just covered wall to wall with lockers....

Frome left to right: Jennifer Perry, Leona Katzberg and Teresa Beich.

The other thing about Lakewood is that it is one big huge square. In the centre of the square is the library and the gym. So of course, if you are really bored, you can walk around the square and around and around. Some days we did things like floor skating (only works when the janitor just waxed the floor), or sometimes soccer (take like an eraser and kick it down the hall).

Andrew Coates and Shane Demeyer.

Although Prince George is about 500 miles North of the Canada/US border, we do get some days of nice weather. Sometimes too nice.

Here Linda Hansen and Denise (?) damn there goes more brain cells... help!

Bored... Bored... Bored....

From left to right : Tammy Williams and Colleen Moshenko. The people down the hall are too hard for me to make out who they exactly are.

Since it happens to be such a small city we live in, it was quite common for our siblings to go to the same school as we did. My younger sister, May is one year behind me. Pictured here is Robin Johma (Kent's younger brother) and Grant Christoff (Barry's younger brother).

Lakewood Grad Dinner

Our grad as a whole was not a really big event. I suppose in our limited little world, we thought of it as a big deal as we all got dressed up and had a very nice dinner and had a few dances. But this will set the stage for the bigger graduation in two more years! Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


From left to right, The Pierces, Erik Kiss, Ron Walberg (stuffing face), Me, Mrs. Cameron (French teacher), and Erik's dad.


Frome left to right: Blair Westgard, Patrick Zanette, Marc Edelman.

I was about to say the shot of men, but Wendy Regulant popped her head up at the wrong time.

From left to right : Patrick, Wendy, Calvin, Marc, Mr. Paciejewski, Erik, Brian and George.

Brains and beauty. What it must be like to be on the honor roll, and to be gifted with beauty and heck for a few even blessed with the talent of music.

She is was one of the most intelligent girls in our grade. Here is a picture of her and the honour role females at the Lakewood grad banquet. Back row is, Lenora Katzberg, Paige, Jennifer Perry. Middle row is, Allison Girvan, Colleen Moshenko, and at front is Michelle Makelke.

Lakewood Grad Annual 1982-83

Ok, talk about blast from the past. Here are our infamous pages out of the Lakewood Yearbook for our year.

page 15
page 18
page 19
page 21

Please feel free to email me your stories, it might help me remind me of some other antics.