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This a sub-page idol stars.

I suppose every kid/teenager grows up staring at magazines and pictures of their favourite TV actors, movie stars, and continually listen to the music of their favourite singers over and over again. I think although the names will change from generation to generation but we all each have in our mind what a "Marlyn Monroe" is. Some may call her Madonna while others may say Britney Spears. So who are my female idols?

Keren Woodward - Bananarama

One of the first records that I ever bought of something I really liked, was Bananarama. She was voted as once voted the fan favourite however, it was Sioban who ended up being the more popular one. However, I was always one who liked the minor underdogs of a band.

Gina Schock - Gogos

As the drummer of one of the all girl band the Gogo's it impressed me in their music video her talent and her looks. Even though the Bangles were out at that time, I would still prefer Gina over Debbi.

Erin Gray - Buck Rogers

Science Fiction has always been a favourite genre of mine. It just so happens that TV portrays our female heroes in skin tight jump suits. This of course makes things look much more interesting when climbing the ladder into the cockpit of a fighter ship. Here is my chance to get her autograph.

Susan O'Hanlon - Jason Of Star Command

Even earlier than Buck Rogers, there was Jason of Star Command. Again, a nice uniform made for crawling around ventilation tunnels in Ming's star ship.

Suzanne Sommers - Three's Company

Ok, before you get the misconception that I have a butt fetish with skin tight jump suits, I will change the topic to big breasted blondes. Ok, I am sure Dolly Parton comes to mind, but... I much prefer some one like Suzanne mainly because of her early spread that she did in Playboy magazine which is pretty exciting news for a kid in high school.

Lonnie Anderson - WKRP In Cincinnati

Also on the topic of big breasted blondes... I really liked her but unfortunately she was such a minor character in this show.

Patricia McPherson - Knight Rider

I seem to be picking a lot of minor role characters. Here is another. She portrayed a real technical genius which again was rare for the blonde bimbo ridden 80's. However, just like in Three's Company, she was unfortunately replaced in the later seasons of the series.

Stefanie Kramer - Hunter

As far as tough chicks go, my choice would be for McCall from Hunter. What else more could they get her to do on the show? They already have her wielding a gun, dressing like a whore, and doing probably the first bondage scene I can recall on TV. Ok, it was only just a kidnapping but close enough... I am sure I will get some interesting hits from Google just because I said that word...

Namie Amuro

As the 90's rolled around, I stopped listening to English Music and watching most of the English programming. Instead, I began to listen to mostly Japanese music and watching Japanese Animation.

The first videoes that really caught my attention was from the very young Namie, doing her song "Try Me" live on Music Station. She has come along way from that shy little teen girl, to the Queen of Japanese Hip Hop. Unfortunately, her popularity waned a bit, and what did it for me was that STUPID tattoo that she got on her left shoulder. Although, I do prefer the Eurobeat Avex Trax stuff, I can't say I particularly like the hip stuff.

Hiroko Shimabukoro (Hiro)

As one of the two strongest singers out of the Jpop band SPEED, she became my favourite. I don't care for her music when she went solo but I love all her stuff when she was with the band.

Shizuka Kudo

Ok, now before you get the misconception that I only like teenaged Jpop singers, I will present her. I just don't know how to describe her facial expression but together with that long hair, I just love it.

Ayumi Hamasaki

It actually took me a long time to start liking her. I didn't really care for her music, and I actually liked Namie better. However, after some very nice Photoshop work from her Ballads CD, it improved her looks to a point where she was stunning. It goes to prove that Photoshop does really work!