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The word "otaku" is a Japanese word probably best thought of as a fanatic like a "Trekkie" but applied to other genres like anime (what otakus are usually referred to), computers (we call them geeks or nerds), or video games (also known as hard core gamers). So as such, male otakus live a very lonely life unless they are so fortunate that they find a female otaku that can tolerate their obsession. Well, the other solution would be (of course) stop being an otaku, but to some this is a crime worse than sin.

So here I have managed to do something which somewhere in between, maybe... Here is my story.


I am thought of one of the fore fathers of anime in North America. A pioneer to the modern fansubbing and promoter of the art form to the generation that marketted it to the general public. I have spent well over 15 years of my life and probably about that much income too buy the anime and supplies needed to produce the analog fansubs and the replication equipment to distribute them. It became so successful, I had to open up a specialized store just the sales and rentals of anime. I ran it for just over 10 years. So you ask, how do you find someone who is compatible with all this? Well this is how it was done.


Not to say I am copying all my friends, but when people around me start getting married off, the realization that I am not as young as I use to be. There is a new generation of kids eager and ready to grasp this new technology to do what I did even better and faster. It is also a fact that the anime industry in North America does not need anymore fan level marketting to drive it. So my first steps to a life style change were put into motion. I began to look for my life partner. Now, one of the requirements would be that she would have to accept me the way I am not change me into the way she would like me to be. Ahh.. That could be difficult.

However, with the new advent of the internet, it became a bit easier for women to accept avid computer techie-ism as a good trait rather than a nerdie trait. So I managed to find a woman who shares the same values and ideals as I do. What are they you ask? Well, one of them is importance of the family unit over independance. Another is respect each other as an individual.

So after meeting, co-existing, and then marrying her, I had put the second phase of my change into effect. I realized that operating the store was too time consumptive. Most store front businesses you run yourself, you spend too much time in the store and spend too much time at home doing business. Women tend to be a bit possessive of your time so this would a bad thing. So I stop running the anime store, and started to collect the anime I wanted to watch as opposed to supplying anime everyone else wanted.

The third phase of my change was to prepare a less otaku-ish enviroment so it would seem more "normal" so she won't feel like she married a freak. This however turned out a little harder to achieve, so a few compromises had to be done.

I broke this section into different eras. Please click on the time period you wish to read up on.

Before Ami (BA)

Yes in the year before Ami's arrival, I had much work to do. I mean, there is a lot of accumulation of stuff. Alot!

Before Conception The period before Ami arrived to the point after she arrived but before the confirmation of our son.
Pre-Baby The period of time before baby is born, while baby is still in the womb.
Post-Baby The period of time baby is just born to the point where he is promoted to kid.