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Before Baby Comes Out

The period of nine months, sort of....

June 2008 Ok, I go to the library to load up on books on "fatherhood" and parenting. Oh, how a nerdy. Anyway, I began to take notes on what a dad does. You know what I have determined. The guy does jack shit to dick all. Really, the mother does a huge amount of work as compared to what a guy will do. Sure, the guy can help out and be supportive and try to allieviate some of the stress, workload and errands that the mother would normally do but still, she is still the one with the mountains on the shoulder. I will help out where I can, and try to even cook a bit, as I suck at cooking. However, I did do my homework and found out what kinda soups and food help the mother remain strong and help the baby grow. Guys, you just gotta do what you can. My wife sometimes gets angry at me because I am so useless. It is her 2nd child and my first, so I know jack all. So my response is, I have 2 hands connected to my brain and my brain can't read your brain. You have to tell these 2 hands what to do, and then they can help you. Can we say "Domo arigato Mr. Roboto"?
July 2008 My wife is starting to play baby music so the baby can pre-natally hear it. She is trying to inject it with the classics. I was listening to one version of Mozart, and it is all done in xylophone. HEY! I immediately remembered the there was a Maison Ikkoku and Urusei Yatsura music CD with the theme songs all done on xylo-phone. Guess what classics I am adding to his playlist!