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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Trent Blair.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Trent lived in my neighbourhood and was a mutual friend of Dee Kent. Here we have him at a birthday party. He was one of the short skinny kids in our grade.
On the topic of birthdays, I believe it was Grade 5, Trent was one of the harder kids to catch. At the time, it was fashionable to grab the birthday boy with usually 4 guys, pick him up, and drop him on his bum once for each year of his new age. It was known as "The Bumps". Yea, he was scare shitless of them and ran away very fast.

When I went back to Prince George in 2004, I had got a tip that Trent still worked at his parent's store, Northern Hardware. Well, it still is there. They teamed up with Home Hardware. It is surprising with all the new "box" stores opening up in the suburbs that the downtown core even has any business but I have found it still quite busy there.

I went and saw Trent at work, he was in the Hardware department and he almost didn't recognize me. This picture is from the Home Hardware web site.


1983 Lakewood Trent can be found associating with many of the rebels from the B-52's floor hockey team.
1985 PGSS This Scorpio, who was born in Prince George, enjoys eating all kinds of foods, playing football, and looking at all the beautiful women in PGSS. Blair's personal goal is to own and drive an Audi.


Well, it looks like he spent all his time in Prince George, and for 15 years, has worked for his parents earning his title as the "tool man".
I really didn't expect to find anything else about Trent, however, I came across this article from a newsletter from the Regional District of Fort George. The picture is not clear due to the low resolution, but it looks like him. I am still awaiting verification. The full newsletter is here.


I had contacted Trent when I was in Prince George. You can contact him here.