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The year is 2008.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

My Extreme Home Renovation Project

What started as a small fix up turned into a whole reno of the kitchen which in turn included the living room which precluded the hallway, then the main bathroom then that worked upstairs then that means the three bedrooms and the two bathrooms up there too. Essentially, I am doing the whole freaking house!

Here is a chronical of what I did. Please do not follow what I did here with your house as it may not meet local building codes or bylaws. Please consult your local munciplity for that.

Phase 2: Living Room

Please click on the thumbnails to enlargen the larger pictures.

Here we have a pretty open living room with a fireplace.
A small 30" pocket door leads to the kitchen.
Large entrance to the living room from the hallway/landing.
Large window on the end with fireplace in the wall.

First, we get rid of the fireplace. Never use it, and it leaks heat like PMS.
I have tiled up the window landing.
Installed a large central chandelier instead of two small pendant lights. Also installed a ceiling ledge with accent lighting.

I added a bit of wainscotting, and this becomes my new TV wall. All I need is that flat LCD TV to wall mount it on.
Added another 5/8" thickness to the subfloor, added sound proofing membrane, and laid Imperial Cherry solid hardwood floor.
I also added 2 more dedicated circuits to this room as well as 3 Cat-5E, 2 phone, and 3 cable outlets.
Much more open and spacious.

Phase 3: Main Floor Hallway

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Entrance to the hallway. I put drop sheets to help keep the dust out of the living room that I just finished.
Rip all the ceilings down to run new wires for the lights. As well, I am adding 2 circuits to the living room and 3 upstairs. Also wiring internet and phones upstairs..
Rip all the smelly molding carpet out and all the cracked tiles.
Lots of wires and plumbing pipe for the heaters.

Putting in new lighting that will be independantly controlled rather than having one light switch for both lights.
Since I was doing all the drywall myself, I had to use the walls as beams to hold and lift the panels up.

Phase 3: Main Floor Bathroom

Please click on the thumbnails to enlargen the larger pictures.

Tear out the crappy linoleum, and add a other 5/8" subfloor.
Repair up the washing machine/dryer area.
Clear out the old vanity and the mirror.
New tiles to the floor.
Cleared the area for the toilet and vanity.
The ceiling with all the plumbing for the two bathrooms upstairs.
I hate poly-B piping, as I found a leaking elbow here. Good time for me to fix it.