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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Paige Ackerman.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Paige when I started to go to Lakewood Junior Secondary. One of the first names I remembered hearing since her last name began with A, she would appear at the begining of the role call. So much so, she is the second name in the yearbook after Nicole Achterberg.

She is was one of the most intelligent girls in our grade. Here is a picture of her and the honour role females at the Lakewood grad banquet. Back row is, Lenora Katzberg, Paige, Jennifer Perry. Middle row is, Allison Girvan, Colleen Moshenko, and at front is Michelle Makelke.

I had always remembered Paige to be well dressed, and maintain herself to be an attractive young lady. Well..... Most of the time... I guess, Marne Stafford was lucky enough to get her hand up in time, shucks. After this, picture, I thought in retrospect... she always got away from the pictures, so I never had good ones.

After a more extensive search for old pictures, I ran across the famous Prince George Party scene pictures. Prince George is a boring city, much more boring than Vancouver is. So kids of our age didn't have shopping malls to go to loiter. Instead, we lived for the weekend and then go to house parties to get wasted. Well, some of us did...

I remembered at this particular party, it was Ryan Kogelheide's 1986 (the year after) PGSS1985 Grad party. I took many pictures that day, but as always, Paige was illusive.

Lucky for her, Jennifer walked in front of the camera and threw off the focus for the camera on one and her fast hands were in the other.

After ducking the bullet for well over a roll of film, I remember Erik Kiss came up behind her and held Paige for this shot. "Help....." Oh, she could never beat up that big loaf.... ho ho. Thanks Erik! SMILE! click!


1983 Lakewood

Her Grad comment reads: Zac's ambition is to sail around the world in a leaky bathtub. Her pet peeve was Shane Bilodau and wimpy, short, ankle-biters (ie. Grade 8's).

1983 comment She writes: Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey, along came a spider, and sat down beside her, so she ate it! Good Luck in Grade 11! Love Paige.
1984 comment

She writes: Good luck on your exams and have a rockin' good summer. Stay out of trouble, and try to smarten down a bit or dumben' up. Take your pick.

1985 PGSS Her grad comment reads: "Peeper" wants to become a marine biologist. Her pet peeve is grumpy conductors. Her best memory of PGSS is making new friends. This Taurus's hobbies include skiing and swimming.


Well, isn't the internet wonderful for letting people know what they really think of you. Here is a site that lets students rate their professors. In this case, "Professor Ackerman". Hmmmm... Does she know who these students are?

She is part of the Norvan Squadron (A unit of the Pacific Mainland District of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons) as volunteer boating instructor and proctor.

Paige is a researcher at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre.

One of the complicated sounding research projects she has worked on, from the the aquaculture association, an article about the relationship between stress protiens and physiological stress during acute disease progression.

She is working with the Malaspina University College Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Progam. 12 years of experience, that is a long time.

Paige racking up a credit for UBC as a researcher for AquaNet.

I suppose that is one perk for being a researcher in something exotic. You get to travel a lot!

Wow, a trip to Brazil to show off your work. That is making your mark in your industry!


I had recently (Feb 2002) came back in contact with Paige through an email address from her older brother, Derek. She currently at UBC in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Bravo! She has gone on to pursue Marine Sciences at UBC. You can contact her here.