Maintenance Of A Korg RK-100

Did you ever jump up and down in your room or on your bed doing your air guitar to Twisted Sister or some other 80’s band?  Or how about air keyboarding those sequences from Shannon or some Jan Hammer?  

Yup and Yup, and I will add walking/rocking the streets of Prince George with my walkman to that list.

Well, now that I am nearing my mid-life crisis, I have always wanted one of these.    What?   A guitar?   Nahh..   Anyone can go to their local junk store and get a guitar.   I want a classic keytar.

I have no experience in band.  I can’t read sheet music.  I have never played guitar or keyboards with the exception of Keyboardmania and Guitar Freaks.   So what makes me think I can play a keytar?   Nothing, but man, I would still  like to own one of those.   I certainly not going to play anything like "Musicbox Dancer" out of it but if I can string 10 or 20 notes together, I might be able to hold a tune.

So which one do I  get?   I can easily go to Craiglist or Kijiji or Ebay to find one.   So I started looking at music videos for the one I wanna get.   The choice became pretty clear when I got to Sandra’s “In The Heat Of The Night”.  It was the Korg RK-100.

I later found out that many other bands use this cool toy.   Examples include Modern Talking's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul";   Pseudo Echo's  - "Funky Town";   Cameo's - "Word Up!";   Run DMC's - "Pause";  and Yes's  - "Owner Of A Lonely Heart".

The band Sandra, live in performance on Top of the Pops, "In The Heat Of The Night".
The Korg RK-100 in action.
Modern Talking's - "You're My Heart, You're My Soul".  Ok, you can stick a Post-It note on top of the word "KORG" but we still all know what it is... Pseudo Echo - "Funky Town"
Cameo - "Word Up!"
Run DMC - "Pause"
Producer Trevor Horn introducing his band Yes, before a performance of "Owner Of A Lonely Heart".
A nice close up of the RK-100.

So I find one on Kijiji and I get it in but man, this thing looks like it has been through World War II.   So what turned out to be a fun toy  to rock with, it has turned into a topic for an FAQ on how to restore and maintain a Korg RK-100.  In case you need it, I will also provide you a link to a service maual.

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So here it is after a it's trip from Ontario.
It's missing a black key.
A leading crack heading towards the neck.
Splitting proceeds around the neck.

Lots of dings on the back bottom corner.
The MIDI interface port is in rough shape. Top front corner has dings.
Back of the neck has a leading split up the neck.

More splitting up the neck.
Cracked right through where the battery goes in.
A closer look at where the MIDI port is.  The place where the screws go are just torn away.
Well, time to pull out MY handyman's secret weapon...  PL Premium.

Wood fill is not going to be enough since there are so many cracks and splits. I had to pry open some of the cracks and inject some construction adhesive in there and clamp it down. Lots of glue and lots of clamping.
So let it dry and sand out the excess.  

The glue just filled in those gaps like a charm.
And it gave it strength again.
Very important to give the neck the strength back.
Sand it down and make it smooth.
Applied lots of glue near the top of the neck.
Apply good globs of glue on the front cracks.
and big blotch to help make up for the missing screw hole.
And a big line right where the neck connects on the top.