Maintenance Of A Korg RK-100

So after much prying and gluing and clamping,  it is ready for some wood fill to patch up the dings and flush up all the cracks.   After I get all those patched and dried, I buffed it down and sanded it.

I applied Rona's Plastic Enamel using a foam brush so I don't leave brush streaks.

Out came a bright and shiny surface that reflects light well.   It hid all the cracks and gaps and dings like a charm.  

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Now apply a bit of wood fill to bring the surface smooth.
Smoothing out the bottom edge.
Smooth out the beginning of the neck.
Rebuff the corner.

The top of the neck nicks.
Put some fill around the strap.
Now sand it down.
Fill out that wierd crack near the neck.

Sand down the back.
On goes a coat of Plastic Enamel.
It even reflects all the tools on my bench.

Neck is nice and smooth.
Rona Plastic Enamel and foam brushes.
The neck that I poured on the glue.
Base of  the neck that  had the splitting crack.

The back of the neck.