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I have been doing video work ever since the days of Laser discs and VCRs with flying erase heads. Formats have come and gone and so has technologies. The internet has vastly helped those of us in special interest groups to be able to share our knowledge, resources, ideas and information with each other so much quicker and easily than we have ever imagined.

In the infamed days of the early internet and Napster, music file sharing gave us the defacto term MP3. It propelled the music revolution into smaller, lighter and longer playing devices than that of tape, CD or MiniDisc. Such pioneering gave us the standard called MP3.

Well, unfortunately, video didn't go this route. Video had too many developers who wanted in on this internet thing. Many wanted money for their technology. Some where just too big, some were just too flakey. As a result, no set standard or even defacto came out of this mess. However, even in the alight of all that mess, some manufactures have chosen DVIX encoding for AVI files for some of their machines like DVD players.

So here is a tutorial on how to use programs out there to make these corrections and standardize your video collection.

This tutorial will start you on the ground level basics. From that I will build on the knowledge for the next chapters. I have also illustrated by use of a flow chart the chapters and the order in which you learn and build your video encoding skills.

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How to rip the contents of a DVD into individual files on your hard drive.
How to burn a DVD Video when you have the VOB, BUP and IFO files.
How to reduce your set of DVD-9 files down to a set of DVD-5 files
CHAPTER 4 : MPEG Encoder

Part 1: MPEG Compliantancy


How to make VCDs, SVCDs, DVDs using Nero
How to author you own custom DVD

CHAPTER 5 : ReEncoding with


How to take a file and convert it to a recognized standard, MPEG
How to strip the audio part of a movie out using VirtualDub so the sound file can used for Re-Encoding.
Putting fixed subtitles on to a video and changing audio tracks.
LESSON 4 : WMA/ASF How to convert Windows Media formats to something else.
LESSON 5 : RM How to convert Real Media formats to something else.
Part 1 : Using MKV
How to convert out of Matasokov format to something else.
Part 2 : Using GraphEdit
How to convert ogg files to wav audio files.
Part 3 : Using Virtual Dub MOD
How to mux .ogg video & audio files to AVI
Special Cases
Stripping Subtitles from a DVD extracting a subtitle from a VOB file
Converting CD+G & MP3 to AVI taking karaoke sound + graphics lyric file and convert it to a single AVI file.
Non-UDF 1.0 compliant DVDs extracting video files off of DVD-RWs made by recorder such as Sony Handycams
Ripping Karaoke DVDs extracting video, multiple audio tracks and subtitles from single chapters of a DVD