Chapter 3 : How To Use DVD Shrink



When you start it up it will look like this.

Click on the icon on the top bar labeled  OPEN FILES.    A browser window opens.  Find where your

folder of  the files that DVD decryptor made, and click OK.



It will do a quick little run through of the DVD files.



Then it will come up to a menu like this.

Now what this example is showing is, that in order to fit everything on the single sided 4.464G DVD-R,

it will need to compress the video/audio down to 57.3% (a loss of 42.7% quality).   Ok,  some people don't care,  some do.   So now the fun part of personal preference begins.


Here we get to alter how the copy of our DVD will look like.   Now, I am going to assume that you  are not such a quality freak or else you would have already taken Nero and burned these files on to 2 DVD-Rs  or that you have money to burn (literally)  and have used a dual sided media to burn this movie.

Our goal (my goal) then would be get back as much quality as possible without losing any of the important features.

First thing can be done is reduce the size of the opening menus.

Click on the Menus folder on the top left window.



You can see here, the contents of the main menu.   Of the 170MB or so, almost all of it wasted on the folder labeled  VTS 1.  So lets click on that folder since fixing the others won't rescue much space back.




Now we see that an English folder contains menu items 7 to 22 consuming various MBs and in Automatic mode is only costing us 66.4% for that 170MB. 



 So, if you want to keep the menus nicely animated and smooth flowing, then you can click on that word Automatic and select Custom Ratio.   Now drag that marker on the linear bar all the way to the left.   You will notice that percentage go up and down as you slide the compression ratio left or right.   All the way left, is as low as you can go, which in this case is 55% which eats up 133 MB of the DVD.   So in conclusion, it means we only saved 36 MB of DVD to in order to keep the motion in the menus intact.   You will also notice that the Main Movie size was 3,930 MB is now 3,956 MB so the quality of the movie went up a little bit.



Now if you are like me.   I usually don't give a shit about the menu.   It can be jerky, it can have no audio, it really doesn't matter.   It is the main movie that matters.     So, I will conserve space by selecting Still Pictures in the right hand window.   Now the space drops to 106 MB.    So, a savings of 64 MB, in this case double.


Alright, where else can we chop in order to gain some more space back?

Well, as you can see on the right, there is 366 MB used up by the Extras menu.

My opinion is some the extras are important to keep in motion but a lot of times it can be trashed because the extras are nothing but stupid trailers for other movies.


So just like for the Menus, click on Extras and see what we can save.



Now, we have a Title 1 which is consuming 43 MB.   What is it?    Well, there is video preview window on the bottom left

which you can have a look at what it is.   There is a Stop, Play and slider so you can preview your clip.

In this case (and it usually is)  the FBI copyright warning.   If you find this annoying, and many do, you can change it.



On the right window, you can click on the Automatic button and select Still Picture.  

You can now, browse your hard drive for any  *.jpg picture you want.    Notice that 43 MB now dropped to 15 MB.   Good savings!




Title 7 on the left menu is a credit less OP and ED.   I like to keep them intact but I don't care about quality.

Much can also be said with interviews.  I mean, the quality can suck on those but it is important not to have

them jerky or still framed.  For this, I will pick custom ratio.



I will also uncheck the ENGLISH language box.  I know in this case I am only saving 2 MB, but sometimes

when the audio is AC3 or DTS that can eat up a lot of disk space.





Title 8 is previews of other movies.

I really don't care, so I am going to replace it with a Still Image of the Cho Aniki Brothers!  268MB down to 63 MB.


Ok, so back to the Main Movie again because that is about all we can do without touching the core of the DVD.




Ok, so we are at 4,225 MB and 62.2%.   We are a long way from 100%.

However, there is 208 MB used for English Audio and 208 MB used for Japanese Audio.

If you don't care for one of those, you can uncheck the box on the right to gain that back.

But for me I like to keep the IMPORTANT languages.   What you deem important is probably

different from me, so this is up to you.


Anyway,  so lets say we are ready to compress (or in this case SHRINK).

Click the icon on the top that says  BACKUP!



OK, a quick confirmation page.

It is tellling you that it will compress all the files to  your hard drive in (this example)  E:\dvd2.  You can click that browse button to change it to where ever you like.  Make sure you have about 4.5+ Gigs free.   The new versions of Shrink has a kinda burner in it however it doesn't always work so I usually use Nero instead, but try it.  You still have the files on E:\dvd2 to go back to.








So press OK and let it do its thing.

In this example, I am using a Pentinum 4 at  3.06 Ghz Northwood Core 533 Mhz FSB with 512MB of DDR400 RAM on a Gigabyte  GA-SINXP1394 using the ATA 133 controller.  It will still take 16 or so minutes.