CHAPTER 1 : Using DVD Decryptor On DVDs

Written by the King Of Smut Ô95


This is a very powerful program.   ItŐs basic  functions can be mostly done using DVD Shrink but since there are certain things that canŐt,  I will just be all inclusive and say, use DVD Decryptor first and if you need to use DVD Shrink use that second.  


In this chapter, I will cover the topic of how to used Decryptor to rip the files off a DVD movie.








Ok, when you start up DVD Decryptor it will most likely start like this picture above.   Now before we begin ripping, I want to  just go over some of the most typical options that I use to read most DVDs,  If you already have your Decryptor already configured then  skip to section B.




A.   Configuring DVD Decryptor








Look at the top bar, there is the word  MODE.    If you click this Under Mode there is a option listed as FILE.   I like to have it decode and save the data as files, so make sure  FILE is checked.   Sometimes for ripping the entire DVD for uploading and such or for games,  then ISO is the option to be checked, but that is for a later chapter.







Now, again from the top tool bar, there should be an option labeled  TOOLS. Under Tools, there is the SETTINGS  option.   Go and Click SETTINGS and from that  is this sub-window pops up.







Generally, you donŐt have to touch anything major, the program pretty much works straight out of the box (or zip file in this case).  There is no point checking for Program Updates because there are none.  The guy got busted and thus is no longer writing this program.   Of course, make sure Remove Macrovision is checked because that is so important.   If you got a flakey DVD you can uncheck Detect Mastering Errors, it might help.   I also like to specify a custom directory for ALL the DVD rips to go.   Otherwise, use Generated Automatically works pretty well too.  With this option, it will just write it to a director which has enough hard drive space to fit the DVD in question.  How much hard drive space you ask?   You will need about 4.8 Gig for a single sided DVD and about 10 Gig for a dual sided and dual layer DVD.








Under File Mode tab,  you want to  just make sure under  ON START UP, that  ALL  the files are selected.  This way when you stick in a DVD, DVD Decrytor will automatically  select all the files so all you need to do is click RIP.






Under Device, you can check Fast Error Skip and set the number of retries low to help you rip those DVDs which are scratched and produce a lot of disk errors.  It might help.









In Sounds, you can put your own custom  *.wav  files here to tell you when you are finished burning.   In my systems, I built my own burning sounds, so I can figure out which computer(s) have finished doing the ripping.







Under I/O,  I check off    ŇIgnore Read ErrorsÓ , so it will help me rip those scratchy DVDs.   It sometimes helps,  If you are worried about making perfect burns without glitches then you probably wan to leave this alone so it will detect those even slightly scratched disks.   It will give you an indication of a bad rip.







Anyway,  back to the DVD ripping.

Well,  with all these options set,  all you have to do is stick in the DVD you want to copy.   It will load up like this picture below.  This tells us that it has loaded up and figured out the format of the DVD.    Now press the button (DVD to hard drive graphic on the left).







Ok, let it do it's thing.








And then you are done.   At this juncture you are ready to use the files that are now on the hard drive.   Possible things you could do with the file are:


a)    play them with your computer DVD player like PowerDVD

b)    you can encode it to a different format like DIVX

c)     you can burn it to a blank DVD-R.   (covered in Chapter 2)

d)    use it as video cips in a graphics editor like Adobe Premiere.