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This a dedication page for the obscure music I listen to.

I like millions of other people, have now got an Apple Ipod. Now I like probably many of you out there have built up a MP3 collection of your favourite songs of today and yester-year. You probably also ran into the common problem of having MP3s that have all their ID tags all screwed up. In my case, most of them didn't even have any tag information.

So I used this vast resource called the internet to find the album information as well as look for an album cover for the MP3s. Well, most of the common stuff was pretty easy to find. But I did run into a few of my favs that was really really tough to find anything for. I am sure most of these obscure bands I listen to are nothing more than one shot wonders and for many of you probably never heard of in your entire life. Not all of them are Canadian bands, so don't go bashing Canadian Content!

So what I have done here is provided a home for some of the most commonly searched for information about these "obscure" bands in attempt to help Google searchs come up with something that other fans would like to know. Enjoy.

If there is something I can help you with, please contact me.

Group Cover Artwork Artist and Track Information Google Results
Adventures In Paradise Minnie Ripperton, Ace Of Base and Bakra Bata has their songs with this name & there is an old TV show with the name. Add "Calgary" or "band" to your search phrase.
Arrows Too many people have Blank and the Arrows Band. There is a comic book hero Green Arrow. Even worse there is another band from 1974-77 that had their own TV show in England.
Cyndy Valentine
You will keep getting hits about Photography, and even another small band called "Darkroom".
Eye Eye Add the word "band" to the search key
Luba adding "singer" will greatly help search results on this one.
Xavion Xavion has a rather expensive LP to get now. They have recently resurfaced as a cover band so hits are easier to find but album art is not always so easy.