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This a sub-page which summarizes my 2004 trip back to Prince George after 18 years.

"The old stomping grounds", "back to the hood", "memory lane", "...gotta get right back where we started from"; it has been called and refered to in many ways. But it all boils down to the place you grew up. Much of your character is built on your surroundings and who you hang around with. Click here to see some of the places I remember visiting and passing in my young travels including a picture of my old house.

Prince George in 2004

The city changes quite a lot in 19 years. Stores open and close and get sold and moved around and burned down and torn down and rebuilt back up and remodelled. But you would have to expect that in a growing city. So here are some of the changes and that I saw that were in my Prince George. Click here to see pictures of the 2004 Prince George.

Prince George Senior Secondary

So here is the entrance to my old high school. I haven't been back to this place for 19 years! How much has it changed? Well it really hasn't.

Sure they added computers in almost every classroom and even added a lighted sign outside. Here is a weight room we never had.

Here is a view of the court yard. The new "enchancement" is the sliding fence they have at one end. Most likely to prevent break ins through the cafeteria. Speaking of the cafeteria here is a shot of the inside of it. I just remembered that I should have looked for a "special" tile on the floor. Maybe I will go back tomorrow to see that.
Here is a shot down the hallway of the 2nd floor. Yes a mixture of old and new lockers. And the condition of them are really raddy.

I tried to look for my old locker, the bank of lockers doesn't exist anymore. It is now an empty student lounge.
Here is the other side of the second floor hallway. Yes, very plain indeed. I think would have been better used as locker space rather than art space but hey, I am not the principal. Speaking of which, he is a real nice guy, named Lee Carpenko. Now, this name sounds so familiar but I can't pin down why. He apparently graduated a year before me in 1984.
Here are some more "technically updated" shop classes.
Drafting is still done manually but they now have computers to teach autocad.
Here is the electronics class.
As you see, updated for 2004!
When you enter on to the mezzaine above the office, there is a wall of photographs that go back to 50's. However, near the end of the wall. There is a light. Actually, it is a bluish green photo of the 1984/85 class, where the sun has burned off all the red.

You know you are old when you are in one of these pictures.

Here is another wall, which has all the indivitual picturesl So with a bit more looking, i I found myself again.

Lakewood Junior Secondary

Here is the right side hallway from the office. Not much has changed except for the rather large pile of Lost And Founds. Oh and the pop machine is now Pepsi instead of Coke.

Here is the wing where I did French. The used these classrooms as lunch rooms. They removed the right

Here is the main front doors to the building. Just like Quinson, they have remodled the doors so they no longer use the non-exploding wired tempered glass, instead they use smaller panels of thicker tempered glass. Here is the Home Economics wing.
Here is the new wheelchair assisted staircase. A new addition as that it is now required to have wheelchair access to both top and bottom floors. PGSS doesn't have one of these, because they have an elevator.
Here is the English and Social Studies wing on the second floor.
This is the Science wing. Not much has changed but they did remove all the gas powered bunson burners.
This is the typing wing. Now it has computers instead of typewriters. And it is not typing anymore, it is called Keyboarding.
I suppose if they are going to change the course to "Keyboarding" they should probably get around to changing this sign.
Obvious someone has good taste in artwork. And anime....
Here is the front of the building. Take a good look at it as the school board is thinking of closing this school. These pictures we have here may all that be left of our legacy.
The library hasn't changed too much, but they did add a nice computer lab with iMacs!
Some of the magazines are now stored out here to make room for the computers.
Card files are replaced with computers.
As I said, MACs ROCK!
The library has much less tables now, but then again, the number of students is almost half it was.
The sign out desk is smaller.
More macs!
Oh yea, the stupid Windows boxes.
Right across the street there was a nice forested park called Rainbow park. Well, now you see it is now housing... So much for greenspace.

Quinson Elementary School

Here is my old Mr. McIver's Grade 7 Class.

Same old desks, teacher's desk is still at the back, and note the new computer on the right hand side.

You may notice they keep the shoes on the seats.

Also take note the carpet is the same as it was. There is still a burn mark on it from when I put a hot pot on it.

The changed the doors from safety glass and the latch safety bars were replaced. It does make more sense since that the glass was easy to break and the latches were so worn that it was easy to open them even when locked. I remember I helped wear them down by standing outside in the morning and recess chopping at it out of boredom. This school like many in our district, doesn't have enough class rooms so they have added portables. This school is no exception.
We use to keep all the coats and shoes here in the closet. However, they seemed to have replaced it with supplies. So, you wonder where all the coats go. Well, out here in the hallway. Alas thus. Or thus, I guess it is an efficent use of the dead space in the hallway.
The most amazing part of my trip is that I asked to see a teaching staff roster for this year. On this list was a Mrs. Zeorb. She was my grade 2 teacher in 1974/5. Well, she still teaches grade 2 today and almost exactly the same room, 30 years later!
Here is the light ballasts. The only new things is the sprinklers they added. There was also the dent in the light ballast where it was struck trying to hit a pinyata.
Check out the sink area. Same cabinets and counters. Note that the drawers are missing the handles. Yea, this school needs money to do some "upgrades".
School supplies were sold from the office in this cabinet.
The principal tells me that 10 years ago, the principal back then THREW AWAY, all the photographs older than 1990. WHAT?! How could anyone be allowed to do that? That is criminal!! Sure enough, the framed pictures on the wall only go back as far as 1990.

However, Mrs Vogt and a few of the retired teachers are building some kinda historical archive. They might have the information that I need. I cross my fingers.

Here is the gym. Wow the doors to the supply rooms are chipped to hell. Basketball backboards were also equally peeling. I wonder if those ropes are still safe to swing on after 29 years.
Here is the stage. Notice all the paint chips under the stage.
Here is the entrance to the "Open Area" which was a huge room which has 4 different classrooms, with no walls.
Well, I now have to correct that, because it no longer is an "open area" since they now walled it up. Oh well...
The only area which was still kinda the same was this coat rack and shoe rack area.
The class rooms where put into square like configurations. The walls were new but man, that carpet looked bad and I think it smelled bad too.
Only other real improvement is that they added a computer to each classroom.
Here is the swing sets located right outside the open area. The only new improvements are they replaced the seats with metal ones and there are plastic protectors on the chains. I remember, I twirled up Brett Doig in a swing and then let him go but I gave him bit of twist push which made him lose grip. So he spun around and around; got so dizzy he was on his stomach still turning around and around...
Here is the library or the entrance to the office. There used to be a counter right where this pink cart stood.
Here is the librarian's desk now.
Well, they tossed out the paper card filing cabinets and replaced them with computers. They also removed many shelves of fiction away.
At least it is nice to see that the non-fiction is still filed using the Dewey Decimal System.

SUNDAY November 28th, 2004

First thing I did this morning was go out to a bowling place called "Strike Zone", classic 10 pin bowling.

Andrew and his friends have made it a Sunday event.

Anyway, I didn't do too bad in the first two games, scoring 104 and 115 in those. But game 3, I was on fire. A spare followed by a 3 strike Turkey, I finished with a 159, absolutely the best I have ever bowled!

Today, I wanted to retrace the trail that I would often use to go to Erik Kiss's house and then to Ron Walberg's house.

We start from the parking lot of Lakewood. You travel down Rainbow or if you are going across the field, then head towards the Kerry & Rainbow corner.

Here is a view down Kerry once we hit the corner of Lakewood.
You will across this Public Access way on Kerry to bring you to the next street. From here one can turn to the right and pass by the Condos, or go to the left and head through the park and the trees. Since I am in running shoes and the ground is frozen, the flatter the better. I choose the road. Now, here is a view back from after you crossed Tabor. If you chose the road, then you will appear where the buildings on the left are. If you chose the forest then you will emerge just behind where the van is passing.
Now walk across the field passed the swings and playsets to this public walkway. Once through the path you are on Pilot. Take this public way from Pilot to Uruquart. We have arrived. Now towards Ron Walberg's place.

Start with this public walk way at the end of Urquhart.

If you follow the path along the left wall, you will end up here on Pilot Street again.

Make a left hand turn so you walking along Pilot heading towards FootHills.

Pilot runs into Ochakwin, then go up to Foothills Blvd.
Here we cross Foothills Blvd.
And head for this public walkway access.

Then your there.