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This a sub-page which summarizes my 2004 trip back to Prince George after 18 years.

My Neighbourhood

For a better word, this is what I saw everyday as I walked to work, went to friend's house to play, attended parties, and cycled around. It is so amazing that almost every single one of these pictures of these sites are almost exactly as they were 30 years ago. This was really like walking into a time capsule and going back into time. Feel free to look through this old images, click on the image to enlargen.

Here is my old house. It hasn't changed too much. It now is blue instead of bright coral pink. They also cut down the tree on the left of the picture.

Here is the house across the street where Mike Asterino lived. It was a dump when I remembered it. Judging by the water marks on the window, it still is a dump.

The house on the corner on my side. It still is the white that I remembered it to be. This is the house on the opposite corner. I use to always pass this on the way to the Stevensons.
Now if you look in my old kid photos, this house of the Stretch's shows up. It is right across the street. It looks it is the same green that it always was too.
Happy Ed Chow's house. Lots of good parties here.
Joel Turner's house. I ran into a co-worker of his at the Parkwood Place Radio Shack. Well lo and behold, we both were RS employees. He currently works in Fort McMurray.
The house right beside me. It is still white. During sunset, the light would reflect off our pink house and make this house look pink too. They have added the decorative fence in the front. Grandma Smith and Grandpa Smitty lived here till they both passed away.
Trish Clarke's house. I spent a lot of time here playing games. Was one of the first people to get the TRS Radio Shack computer.
David Urquhart's house.
This is Sidney Shug's old lot. His house use to be 90 degrees this. It was added on to and rebuilt as thus.
Down the block was David Punch's house. It doesn't look like much was changed here except the colour.
Here is a house I remember going to for a party. I don't remember whose.
At the end of the street there is the Necako River. I remember repelling down a few metres, and trying to throw rocks down to the railroad tracks.
In retrospect, as kids, we never would have been able to throw a rock that far. But as you can see view of the industry ashore is kinda nice.
At the other end of the street, is the sure fire way to lower the property value of the neighbourhood, a Sikh Temple.
Gerry Philips old house.
Marty Pawluk's old house. He was right across the alley and I spent a lot of my youth here.
This house belonged to the Cox family.
The old guy Harvey use to live here. He use to have weird odd jobs to do out in the yard.
This is Roger's house who lived across the street from Marty. We use to use his yard as a shortcut from the Moffat alley.
Dee Kent's old house. I have birthday party picture inside this house.
Helen McPherson's old place.
The credit union at the end of Lyon Street. There use to be a cafe at the top but they got rid of that.
Here is the old house of Lea and Sharmon Harmon. Here is the old house of Randy and Sandy Berg. Hmmm. notice a trend?
Cameron Dunn's old house, right across the street of Quinson School. Ahh. I guess that means no skipping classes...
Andrew Coates old house. I remember we use to throw wads of newspaper into the fireplace downstairs and burned through stacks of firestarter paper. Pyro!
Blaine Anderson's old house.
This is Brett Doig's old house. I had to ask the neighbours to be sure which one it was.
Barry Tuba's house.
Calvin Townsend's old house and for that matter Shanna Townsend's old house.
Darren's house.
Ron Walberg's house with his dad.
Path down to the flats, exactly the same as before except now they put a weave fence at the end to prevent bikes from coming through... STUPID.
A patch of city land that isn't being used for anything. But it was great to ride through and great to place to have an outdoor party.
We would spend hours in an afternoon throwing pine cones and sticks and anything else on the ground at each other.

He tells me he finally stopped maintaining them and took them down a while ago. Primarily since most of the neighbourhood's kids have all grown up and moved on. The final straw was some stupid punk ass 14 year loser kid.

Although I am not 100% sure, but this should be the duplex Harvey Parhar was in.
Here is the house at the end of Moffat which had some really cool treehouses. I had a talk with the owner. He has been there ever since I was born. He built the houses for his kids to play in. Over the years, over 100+ of the neighbour kids came by including myself, came to play.
He came in with a hammer and was taking the houses apart. When confronted, he stupid kid claimed that he built them, and he claimed that this was not on his property. Anyway, he seized the hammer from him until he brought is father over to talk to him. Apparently, the little shit was going to build a tree house in Rainbow Park using the wood he stole from here. Yea, right. That is problem with today's kids, they act so tough and like the know everything, but in reality, they know Jack squat about anything.
Here is where Erik Kiss lived after his mother died of cancer, the Stevensons. I spent a lot of time in this house playing on the Apple II computer.
Linda Hansen's old house.
I think this is Cheryl's house. I remember walking to Erik's house. The door was open and her boyfriend was chasing her around the house. She was getting tickled on a couch. I just kept walking.
One of the bravest girls I've known, Debbie Ross's old place.
Erik Kiss's old place.
Matt Pearce's old place.
Ron Walberg's old house I think.
Either that or this one, maybe.