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The year is 2009.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

The Birth Of Trevor

It was late evening on January 26.    Ami was already big and anytime could be the time.   In terms of weeks, she still had a few more to go but the baby was going to be big.   Contractions pains started to get very intense so we called an amublance.   They came with full sirens but we left without all the noise.   We went to BC Women's Hospital and was admitted.  We sat around being monitored for over two hours.   The contraction pains subsided a bit but not much.   Finally, a doctor came in and said, "Do you want it out now?"    And of course, my wife said "YES!"

So they wheeled her off to Pre-OP.   I got a gown to wear as well.    Yea,  I look pretty goofy.

In the operating room, I sat by Ami's head.   They put this screen in front of us so we couldn't see the stomach.   And sure enough, it didn't take long for them to cut her open.   It was pretty easy to tell when they did the cuts as the screen in front of us got sprayed and splatted with fluids.

Now,  I will just skip over the gory pictures the incision and all the stitches/staples.  

And I will spare you the graphic of an uncleaned baby, so...

So they wheel them off to our own private room.   It wasn't a busy evening for the hospital today.  

So the official time of birth was the 26th.   We were hoping that he would come out on the 28th which would have been the first  offical day of the cow.

Which brings us to his origin of his name.

Trevor Wei v Chow

And here is his first day home with his older sister.

Here is me with Trevor as he just woke up from his crib below.