How I came up with my baby name.

I always find it funny that people take such a long time to think of nane for their kids. Until, of course, I have to do it. Now i could be lame ass and name him Joe or Bob but why not be a bit more original.

So how do you start?

I suppose you could name him after someone. However that could get petty stupid if you name him after some loser like Eminem. So that is not a great idea. However, this has merit. I think it would be grand to be named approraitely yet not wacked as to cause him to be beaten up and ridicolued in school.

I will start by try naming him after me. Yea, I don't to be so lazy to just call him William Jr. duh how lame. What like George Bush Jr. was a better choice? My thinking is that this child is the product of two people so I should try to make something significant from that. Now, one great thing about symbolic languages like Chinese or Japanese is that characters (kanji) can stand for many things and the characters can be pronounced by short phonetics. So I thought I would start by taking our animal symbols and see what word segments i can come up with.

I am a Gemini, under the year of the lamb. my wife tells me i am as big as an elephant and as clever as a fox. She is a Leo, under the year of the tiger. She prides herself as being mean as a tiger.

Well, after realizing that Chinese has too many non-english sounding phonetics, I decided to switch to Japanese.

Tiger in Japanese is tora, as in Tora Tora Tora ie the book, movie, or Super eurobeat which ever you heard of first. Elephant is a romanized word since they are not naturally idgenous to Japan. They just use the shorten form elufu (not to be confused with the character class elf). The kanji character in Japanese is shou, but that is too phonetically hard to work with.

So what can I ramble together using tora-elufu? toraelufu toraruvu toravuvu travuru travaru traver trevor... Trevor!!

So there, I didn't name him after Trevor Lindon nor Trevor from Trailor Park Boys.

First name (English Name) is done. I gave my wife the second (Chinese) name. She decided to name is wei which means all encompassing or around. Sure that will work since all the new kids nowadays are global kids anyway. You will also note that she tried to pick a good name that looked like my name too.

So that leaves me a nickname or middle name. Well, my wife gave it the animal affectionate name nunu (not to be confused with nanu nanu of Mork and Mindy). Now this name is actually an onamattameia (words that are a sound eg. crash). Now in English, we associate the sound of moo with a cow. However, in Chinese, there is no "oo" phonetic so they use nuu. This is similar to how in Japanese they use "piyo piyo" for the sound that chicks make chirp. You will remember this from the front of Kyoko's apron in Maison Ikkoku.

It is obvious that I can't use nunu or cow as the middle name. So thus I will need to use another method to represent this. If you are a true otaku, you already know what I am thinking but I will explain it anyway.

I will need to find another alphabet to represent nu. Well, it just so happens there is. Nu is part of the Greek alphabet. You may also remember from Char's Counterattack Movie that Amuro's RX-93 Gundam is the Nu Gundam.

There you go, my long explaination and thought process that went into the naming process. I am sure this will be a great story when Trevor stands up in the front of his Kindergarten class to introduce himself. The teacher will ask, "Oh, what does the middle initial v stand for? Victor? Vince?" Now, he will have a story to tell at "Show and Tell".