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My Favourite Songs in other Languages

These are some of my special songs to me. You can click on the song name for a short sample in *.mp3 format. You can click on the graphic of the song for a better picture of w

Name Of Song - Performer


Reason Why It Is Special

"Suki-sa" (Love You) by Anzen Chitai

Used as the opening theme song from Maison Ikkoku. To Linda Hansen where ever she is..

"Glass" by Ryuichi Kawamura

One of the songs that got me back into popular Japanese music. This is a very intense love ballad. Not the usual thing I go for but this one really caught my attention.

"Virginity" by Rebecca

Has an edge to the song which I haven't heard in female vocals for a long time. I saw this on a Japanese music show and I found it catchy.

"Love Phantom" by B'z

This was used as the image song for the third season of X-Files, and I was really following that show at that time.

This also has a big English monologue at the beginning of it which Kevin Lee did a great job of it at Karaoke. Unfortunately, it was a session I didn't record.

"Ai Oboete Imasu Ka" (Do You Remember Love?) by Mari Iijima

Since Macross was one of the first anime's I've seen, Minmei's song got stuck in my head.

Cho Ai Aniki Chant & Aniki Train from the Masyna games "Cho Ai Aniki"

This sort of became the unofficial song of some of the guys that hung around my anime store. We used it at a laser tag outing one time. They must thought we were weird.

Player 1 Level 1 &, both Ending themes from the Masyna game Langrisser I PCE Version (as known as Warsong on the Sega Genesis)

This is my favourite video game BGM. They made two versions of the ending theme music, and I like both versions. There is a Namu and Chris version of the ending theme song, both sung by Mayumi Sudou,

Player 1 and Level 2 themes for Der Langrisser.

I also played a lot of Der Langrisser, on the PC-Fx, Sega and Playstation.

"Mugo" by Shizuka Kudo

She is one of my favourite female singers. I picked this song because it was the first one of her songs I heard. It was a from a tape of Best 10 Music Show I borrowed from Asa Louis. This particular show, she was performing this song and her mic level was set wrong so as soon as she started singing, the mic fedback on her.

"Little Kiss" by ASAP

I saw a "making of.." video on a $0.99 video tape from Iwase. Shizuka Kudo was one of my favourite female singers and Ishibashi Takaaki is from Tunnels. I find he resembles my friend Ron Cheung.

"Nurse Angel" by Shang Xin Feng Bao

Opening theme song to Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. It is also on the Avex Trax Live '95 concert CD which I copied from Daryl Yang. It was one of my first songs which combined Eurobeat and anime.

"Don't Look Back" by ZNX

This is the opening theme song to Wild Knights Gulkeeva. It has a great guitar riff in it that really caught my attention. It is also one the last fansubbing projects that Arctic Animation worked on.

"Aiiru Otome" (Indigo Blue Maiden) by Hako Asata

This is the first anime hentai ending song I liked. It was a great manga story too, one of the few I really enjoyed reading even with my limited Japanese skill.

"Over The Time" by Misa

I heard this song as the opening theme for a live action Power Ranger sentai show called Changerion. I found this tape in the $0.99 clearance bin at Iwase Bookstore. I am not obsessed with Sentai shows like my friend Alan Liu (aka Inju Master) but this one was just as stupid as any of those hero guys in motorcycle suits marketting toys to kill big monsters.

"Son Namon Darou" by Sharon Q

I found this song kinda catchy, then I found out it was done by the guy who does the ending theme song for an anime named DNA2. I later found that the keyboardist dressed up as an aniki for the live performance of this song. I also found that my Japanese friend Masunobu had the CD single for this song.

"Bandira" by Susumu Hirasawa

I heard this almost Celtic keyboard song as the ending theme of Detonator Orgun when it was played at one of the VJAS Showcases. It took me a long time to find who the hell sang the song but once I had that, it just cost me $30 US to buy a copy of it.

Chi Wong Chi Wong (aka Sky King Is King) by Jenny Wong

One of the first songs from a Chinese soap opera about gambling that really stuck in my head.

Sun Gong Ha ("I Go Crazy") by Tung Shu Chow

I heard this song from one of my mother's tapes. I later found the corresponding song in English which is done by Paul Davis.

"Careless Whispers"

When Wham went on tour in China, their music really had a big influence on the Chinese music market. Of all the people, who made covers of their songs, this one stuck me as one of the better ones.