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Internet Radio
In the hey days of the Internet and the emerging technology of web camera technology, there was a popular upgrade to the whole messenger service. While most of us were using ICQ and MSN and (heaven forbid AOL), some of us ventured on to virtual graphical interfaces like ChatPOP or GaiaOnline. Well, I went for streaming audio, namely Paltalk,.
One of my favourite things I LOVED to do was run an internet radio show which featured the music I liked, ie... the 80's! It was sort of a "Name That Tune" game over the internet. I was sure a lot of fun and I sure met a lot of people, from all over the world.

Once people got around the horrible ping times, and the dropped packets and the usual internet problems, the sound was very good and the response time was pretty good too. I got some quite flattering compliments, including many women who say my voice was very sexy sounding. Now I was no Barry White, but someone from California who says she works in the radio business commented that I had a good voice. Very uplifting considering when I was doing some work for CKPG radio back in 1984 and I got beaten out by Peter Maratta for the radio DJ job. So this was a nice boost in confidence.
However, like all good things, there was a bad side. While having a great time putting on this radio show, it unfortunately, ate up all my spare time. After all, when you are running the mics and the music, you have no time to do anything else. So all my other things like Ebay emails and store related jobs were all falling behind schedule... So unfortunately, I had to stop. But someday.... I would love to do this again... If 80's music still has it's appeal... It always will with me...


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