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Prince George People ONLINE!

Hello, you have probably reached this page because a search engine like www.google.com has spotted your name. You probably did a vanity search on your own name and my web page had your name listed. Did you ever wonder who else you know is famous like you?

This is your friend William Chow from PGSS grad 1985. I have lost contact with you, so I was bored and decided to type your name in and see what www.google.com brings up. Please CONTACT ME here! I am only making educated guesses as to accuracy. I am trying to keep our small family of PGSS grads together for future reunions and news.

"Famous" Prince George People


Google Results

Lonnie Delisle

His pastor and singing legacy is faster than the word of mouth

Janice Moshenko

Her work at UBC pharmacy has earned her more recognition than her older sister Colleen.

Darren Smale

he owns his own sports shop

Matt Oleskiw

By adding utex to the search comes up with PDF1 and PDF2 quality reviews he was interviewed in.
Steve Kazemir www.pde.com/~kazemir He has vital to a support group for Aural Atresia/Microtia.
Heather Davidson
There are many other Heather Davidsons out there but since I remember she was a nurse, I added that to the search. It pulled up this report from UVic and the University of Victoria. Could someone verify this?
Kent Nadeau When you have a slightly uncommon name, google is more likely to come up with the right results, I hope. Anyway, he is still in Prince George, so it is a good guess.
Rosemary Brbot I was lucky she didn't change her name when she married. Funny, my web page comes up first then CNC's.
Calvin Townsend There are too many US Calvin Townsends. However, since May said he worked at Trinity, I added that to the search and came up with the right one.
Todd Vogt
In the last email I got from Todd, he said he was running a chain of newspapers. So it was pretty easy to find these: PDF1 and PDF2.
Allison Girvan
Allison has become so famous she makes other people famous! She has her name in many music circles: VSSM, and Cypress Choral.

She is also featured vocalist on Tobin Stoke's CD, John McDermott DVD, and CD.

I figured it was going to be easy to find a current picture. NOT! I had to go to archives to find this picture from the defunct www.nelsonsongfest.com web page.