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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Calvin Townsend.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Calvin as I was going through Quinson Elementary School.

He lived in the far extremes of my little neighbourhood in a quiet little crescent street where I later learned is also the home of the Moshenkos, the Dywers, and the Paynes. The street had a bike shortcut to Ospika Blvd which lead to a popular field refered to as the "flats" which was used as a night party hangout.
Calvin and I were also mutal friends of Dee Kent, which we both ended up at the birthday party. Here is is beside me on the bottom of the human pyramid.
I remembered that we were in woodworking 9/10 class. I think George Clark and a bunch of the other guys figured out about half way through grade 9 that you can only take the class only once. So they tried to intentionally fail the class so they can take it again in grade 10. So during a tool indentification test, Calvin indentified a file brush as a hair comb and Shane Bricker indentified a prick punch as a nose picker. The teacher knew what they were doing, so much to their demise, he passed them. I also remember for the longest time, Calvin's favourite "new word" of the day was "hyperdermic needle". He then proceeded to stab himself with his Bic pen or mechanical pencil.


1983 Lakewood Calvin likes to eat and sleep. At first, he wanted to become an educated bum, but now wants to be a doctor. (What's the diff?)
1985 PGSS

Calvin had no printed comment, however he did write this by his picture in my annual:

"See your future. Be your future. Bill, I'm a Veg."


"Professor" Townsend is on the faculity roster for TWU (Trinity Western University). Here is an article where he will no longer be teaching IDIS (Inter-Disciplinary Studies) courses.
A TWU student's page where he says Calvin's class was the best. This is the teaching roster at TWU.
In this blog archive, it mentions Calvin's book: "Pondering The Cave: Into the Caverns Of My Mind." On another blog site, here is Calvin ripping into Gordon Campbell and local politics.


My sister May, ran into Calvin at Trinity Western's library while she was doing bookstore stuff there. He his teaching at TWU.

In 2004, I have visited his parents at his house in Prince George. His dad was able to give me his contact information, although he seems to be either really too busy or he is too lazy to answer his phone, or his messages or his email.
You can try contact him here.