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This a sub-page on music, my story.

I like just about everybody else grows up listing to some sort of music. Some songs mean more to some people because they associate it with some event or person in their life. I suppose it is like a bookmark in the book of life.

I grew up in a small town of 100,000 so there wasn't much in the way of big music stars or even big music stores. Most of the influences in music came from the radio stations CKPG the modern age and contemporary stuff, and CIFM which was more comtemporary slow stuff. Later with the advent of cablevision and Much Music, I started to get a lot of music and music videoes from TV and the simulcast on FM.

I started with an crappy old Radio Shack mono am/fm/tape cassette recorder. It wasn't much but it allowed me to record using the mics. It wasn't till I moved to Vancouver, when I was able to buy a component stereo system that actually had inputs. By then, I had already recorded over 200 audio tapes of 80's music, most of it live off the air.

It was in Vancouver, and in the late 1980's, early 1990's I got away from the North American music scene and started to listen to Japanese music, mostly anime soundtracks. I also got introduced to Europop (Eurodisco/Eurobeat) music, at the time was called FOB music since all the Hongers listened to it.

By the end of the millenium, the big push of the internet and MP3 technology got me back into North American Music again. However, to my dismay, the music of the 2000's really sucks. So many of the artists today have no singing talent, no song writing skills, or no musican skill. A bunch of stupid rappers reading lyrics off a piece of paper, to losers yelling their lungs out on a mic, to crap heads throwing in swear words every other verse to losers on the guitar just picking and strumming their guitar solos so that every song on the album sounds the same. However, with Napster hey days, I was able to find and upgrade my old old audio tapes from the 80's to a more digital version on CD.

I have also started to visit second hand stores, pawn shops, thrift stores and flea markets to buy a great deal of music especially all that old stuff I grew up on. I also used Ebay.com and Yahoo Japan auctions to find some of that really hard to get stuff. Even with this, my quest to replace all those old audio tapes still continues.

Below are lists of the songs I would call my favourite songs. It is by no means everything I have, but it is what I have in my CD changer and it is what I will random play. I also have a list of songs which I am still looking for, so if you can help me or if there is something I can help you with, please contact me.

My Most Memorable English Songs

My Most Memorable Songs Other Languages

Favourite Song Long List

My English CDs

My Japanese Anime CDs

Songs I am Searching For