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Special English Songs To Me

Everyone has a few special songs. Memories, loved ones, special landmark events are the usual things that make a song special. Here a few of mine. These are relatively easy to find on the internet so I won't waste server space by putting up the *.mps for them.

Name Of Song

Performer Of Song

Reason Why It Is Special



Linda Hansen performed a great version of this song for Lakewood Grade 10 graduation cermony.

Brother Louie

Modern Talking

The first Europop song I listened to that really got me into that genre of music.

You Could Have Been The One


To Angela Ottesen, where ever she is.



To Wai Ho, aka Mr. Clean, the only Chinese Rapper I knew. I am sure the D is for Dirty and the MC is for Mr. Clean....

I Go Crazy

Paul Davis

One the only English songs that my mom can hum the lyrics to.

Everybody Was Ku Fu Fighting

Carl Douglas

My dad use to do Tai-Chi stance martial arts and he would repeat a lyric here or there. His big debut when he got on the dance floor on my 16th birthday and made up Tai-Chi dance.

Cruel Summer


One of my favourite female bands. This song reminds me of the hot and long Prince George summers.

In The Mood

Wildrude Orchestra

I remember in PE 10 with Trish Clark were about the only couple who could do some of the complex jive moves like the Octopus. Shows all those lame loser that I was good at something else other than academics.

Night Of Fire


It was used in Initial-D and Para Para Paradise, and is what got me into playing the rythmn games at the arcade.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood

If you remember the music video for this, it was a bunch of gay guys dancing around shaking their butts and doing the pelvic thrusts. Oh, lets not forget the gushing climax in the middle... Now, must of looked pretty stupid on the dance floor dancing like that. Worse yet, it was at my 17th birthday dance and I was dancing with Colleen Moshenko.

Early Distant Warning


I am not much of a Rush fan until this album. This was the first tape I got from my buddy and neighbour Sid, who tells me months after that he had shop lifted it from K-mart. This is the first tape I had that was stolen property. Of course, now, I buy lots of CDS from pawn shops and the flea market which is probably 99% stolen too.

Saved By Zero


I worked at CKPG radio on a job placement program for a few months. While I was in their studio I saw the shelving area with all the new demo 45's. One of them was the 45rpm version this song.

Some Like It Hot

Power Station

In the 80's, when air bands were the cool fad. I always wanted to air drum this song.

Keep The Phone Off Hook

MT Vessels

A band that opened for Parachute Club, at Expo 86. Since I recorded that concert, I got them too. Almost 10 years later, I met Rob who was looking at my music list and remembers going to that concert.

Save It

Shari Ulrich

One of my favourite local talent singers. It was really great to see her perform close up and live at Expo 86.

Let The Music Play


I tried so hard to do the moonwalk to this song. Never did get it right.

It Doesn't Really Matter

Platinum Blonde

After waiting 3 hours in line in front of A&B Sound trying to get my record signed by the band, I got turned away. Reminds me not to bother with silly things like that when the line exceeds reason.

Sunglasses At Night

Corey Hart

I remember walking home from Erik's place down 5th Avenue in Prince George. It was 10pm and pitch dark outside. I must have had a lapse of logic or something, I decided to flip down the shades of my clip on sunglasses. Sure enough, I walked into telephone pole... OUCH!!

"Believe It Or Not"

Joey Scarbury

Theme to the Greatest American Hero TV show. Along with "Silver Spoons" and "WKRP" are my favourite TV themes.


Captain Sensible

One of the many weird groups that Peter Rooney introduced to me along with The The and Cabaret Voltare.

You Look Marvellous

Billy Crystal

Ron Walberg was the resident short guy in our PG group. He fit the role well, prefect with a nasal accent too.