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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Erik Kiss.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Erik T. Kiss when I entered Lakewood Junior Secondary School. A tall big giant he was. We became close friends as we shared a common interest and skill in the Apple II Computer. Well, it ended up that this skill in mathematics and computing, lands him his job at Electronic Arts of Canada.

I remember all those afternoon's I would spend at Erik's house at his mom's house and at the Stevenson's fiddling with computers. I remember trying to crack copy protections, make patches, write routines, and learning how and what made things tick.

He hated doing his homework, had a nack to juggle things, great arcade game player, could touch his nose with his tounge, and did some pretty crazy stuff and manages not to injure himself... sometimes....

He is a great guy to have at a party, as he always good to provoke odd forms of entertainment. I had invited him to my 16th birthday.

Erik doing air guitar
Audience reaction of his air guitar.


Lakewood stories

Erik was in the same grade as I, so we shared quite a few classes. Grade 10 Science extra, was a special class for the "better" students to do experiments and debates. I remember developing a silly laser experiment and chemicals, to allow us free reign on the chemicals closet. Oh, what fun it was to use hydrocloric acid to melt those Master combo locks! I remember Mark Townsend tried to get all the chemicals together to make gunpowder, that didn't really work out too well.

I remember, it was our day to use the computer of the school. I remember one of my sister's friend's Kelly Goodall, was up next. Now for some weird reason, we used the long extension cord of the computer station to tie her to a desk. Then we took her desk and lifted it on top of another desk. I don't know who is more stupid, us for trying something so potentially dangerous or Kelly for willing letting wierdos like us tie her up. Nothing happened, as much as the opporunity could have allowed lots of things but in retrospect I am glad nothing did. Oh, we did get in trouble afterwards, but we shrugged off the punishment. hahahaha
The room that was used often for computer class was the typing room. It had this old old Mannsman Tally 9-pin serial dot matrix printer. Oh it was disgusting how much noise the thing made. Anyway, one day the printer ribbon died and we took it and threw the full spindle out the two storey window of the typing room while holding the empty spindle. I can say, there was not enough ribbon to hit the ground from the second floor.
On the topic of classroom supplies, sometimes we would be using Mr. Irvine's math class as the computer room. Now the neat thing about his room was that he had a set of cabinet drawers that had a lock on it. Well, one day, Erik figured out how to jimmy the lock open for the drawers. Inside was the game paddles for the computer. So we spent all night playing computer games like Space Invaders.
I remember gym class with Mr. Paciejeski. It was outside on a field that had just been heavily rained on and we were playing rugby. Erik loved rugby. A girl Jackie Antrobus, decided not to play volleyball with the other girls inside the gym and come outside to play. So on the first play of the game, we (the guys) agreed to kick the ball to her, and pass it to her to let her carry it. Instead of tackling her, the guys grabbed her legs and dragged her through the mud puddles. Needless to say, that was about all she could stand of rugby.
1983 Lakewood Grad comment Erik's main hobbie is learning how to skip out without being caught. (He hasn't been successful yet.) This probably explains why his ambition is to a method of skipping out.
Home Stories I remember Erik's birthday parties would consist of renting like 12 movies from a video store and inviting a bunch of friends and have an all night video party night. It was fun but tiring for sure, though, I do remember some good movies and good porn. hahhhaa!
Erik is not an only child. He had a brillant younger brother who lived with his separated father. Erik lived with his mom. Although cancer had claimed his mother, I would like to say that she was one of the kindess, forgiving and flexible moms out there. She was fit, excercised and looked great for her age. May she rest in peace, we will always have you in our memories.
I remember, Erik had a college student rent a room in his house. One of the cool things he did was he built a 120+ volt power inverter which worked off a 9V battery and a huge capacitor. I remember he made a pipe bomb, rolled it into a snowman in the back yard, We wired it up and BOOMM!! no more snowman.

I remember that we use to come over to Erik's house in the afternoon. As hungry as kids are we would go to the fridge and/or cupboards for food.

I usually ended up eating cracker and cheese or sweet dill pickles. He was the one that introduced me to Stoned Wheat Crackers. Anyway, I remember one day his mom got really mad because we polished off almost a whole brick of cheese in one afternoon.

On that same note, I also remember an afternoon I came over to his house, and he was out with Ron. His mother was at home getting ready to move. She told me that Erik went out, as if to shoo me away. But I stood my ground and told her that I came over to help move. She kinda wasn't expecting that response, which prompted her to say "Well, in that case..." So I helped her out moving boxes for an afternoon.
PGSS stories In Grade 11 Science I remember we were ionizing water into hydroden and oxygen. We were suppose to capture a test tube of each H and O, and then as a test, we held a flame under the tube to ignite the gases. Well, I got brave and I used a 750ml granduated cylinder. WHHHOSSSH!! as that gas went off, and the force pulled that cylinder out of my hand and SMASH!!
On the same topic of breaking things, a similar expermient with acids, I was using a 1 litre (1000ml) gradunated cylinder. It was in the sink and somehow I knocked it over and SMASH!!! That is why I got the nick name Bill the Beaker Breaker.

I remember Erik really hated Mr. Gupta's math class.

a) because he found the East Indian accent was really hard to understand

b) because he made him do the stupid homework

c) because he gave Erik heck for using the computer 0 which was an empty set.

Erik made a bet with a guy named Peter Rooney that he would give him $20.00 if he would shave off his eye brows. Well, next morning Peter showed up to class with no eyebrows.
There was a time when the free local entertainment newspaper had a coupon for a free movie admission in it. I remember we would go to the mall where there was a stack of the papers and take all the papers so we could cut all the coupons out of it. Erik got crafty and he sold them to other students for a few bucks since it was still cheaper than paying full pop for a movie.
But as most things, Erik was most notorious for the amount of information he knew about computers. I remember walking a rather weird trail of short cuts to get to his house on Uruquart. I was able to remember how to get there on my 2004 trip to Prince George. I had spent a good deal of afternoons at his place working and playing on the Apple II computer he had.

We had worked on a whole pile of strange projects, most of which I won't name because of the fact they are on the "wrong side of the fence" if you know what I mean.

However, we did work on a pretty nifty cheater for Wizardry. I built a pile of cheaters for SSI games including my favourite War In Russia.

1984 PGSS comment

Dear Chilliam Wow;

May all your days be just a bit less than 24 hours and may your leap years be 366 days long.

The UnProtector.

1985 PGSS

grad comment

Eric's fondest memory of PGSS was sleeping through algebra. His nickname is Bigfoot or Moose. His hobbies include football. This Cancer hates speed traps but loves pizza.


too many to list

Speaking of "Big Cheaters", I did a Google search on all the PGSS grads names and guess who had the most number of relevant hits? You guessed it, the big goof himself.

Working at EA games he programmed hidden cheats in the games that he makes. Examples:

MVP2005 Baseball: Create a character named "Erik Kiss" and it will be batter with a tiny bat that always hits ground balls to the pitcher.

MVP2004 Baseball: Create a character named "Erik Kiss" and it will be batter with a tiny bat that always breaks.

MVP2003 Baseball and Triple Play '99 and Triple Play '97: Create a character named "Erik Kiss" and it will be batter that hits a home run almost each time.

His name appears in a Google Search under the 2002 Donations site for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Here is an article of an issue of UBC Reports campus newspaper from Feb 11, 1988. Apparently, a bunch of students from the residents were making a muck around downtown. Erik who was the leader of the Totem Park residents had to make a statement. The full newspaper is located available here.
Here is a listing from the Moby Games web site where it lists the game credits for Erik.
Here is a 2007 picture from Erik's own website at www.erikkiss.com. He also has a blog which you might want to check out for his adventures in paramedic land.


He was one of the few people that found through classmates.com. After a few changes in email, we still try to keep in contact. You can contact him here.

He has decided to quit Electronic Arts to do something else. I suppose the stressfulness of meeting product deadlines was getting to him.
2006: Erik has emailed me with an update. He has finished some industrial first aid, and he plans to go to Vernon to do a training course as a paramedic.
2007: Erik has opened a blog on his web page. Check it out www.erikkiss.com.