William Chow's Personal Web Page

The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Heather Davidson.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Heather was one of those brainy types in hiding. She was heavily into athlethic sports and probably could be thought of as one of those "jocks". I will always remember she invented the nickname "Chicken Chow Mein".


1983 Lakewood HD likes spending most of her time with PE (Patricia Erdbecker). When she is not with PE, she can be found with Murray.
1985 PGSS There was no grad comment for her in the annual.


Her name shows up on a document from the Ministry of Health in BC.

It also shows up on the School of Nursing site of the University of Victoria.


I heard from one of my friends who had to go to Vancouver General Hospital, that he met a radiologist named Heather from Prince George. This was back a ways in the 90's. Anyway, this gave me the hint that she pursued a carreer in medicine.

During the construction of the this web page, I found these two links to a Heather Davidison working in the Ministry Of Health. I contacted a Rita Schreiber from the University of Victoria. Her name shows up on the same document as Heather. She was able to forward my contact info to her. It took some time and Heather did email me back. However, she said she was not the Heather I was looking for. Too bad...
So, if you have any information of where our Heather Davidison when to, please contact me here.