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 Prince George 1985 Class Reunion ONLINE!

So, I missed my 10th year reunion for Prince George Senior Secondary (PGSS) back in 1995. I went back to my stomping grounds in 2004 to see what and who is involved for 2005, click here for details of that trip.

However, it doesn't look like a 20th year 2005 reunion ever materialized. So, I have taken it upon myself to build an "online" reunion for Prince George people. I EXPECT all you grads and Prince George-rites that have happened on this page due to a google search to contact me here! No excuses now.

So here is our online grad reunion. No tickets to Prince George to buy, no formal wear, and no running into those stupid people you didn't want to run into. However, one thing you MUST do is send me a current picture of yourself (with spouse and kids if you like), and some brief answers to some of the "commonly" asked questions you are going to get at a reunion. There, now you won't have to get off your computer chair to participate. So what are you waiting for?!! CONTACT ME!

Now, as an added bonus, for 2010 (Vancouver Olympics), I personally invite each and everyone of you for a private evening out that year in celebration for our 25th reunion. So if you are in Vancouver that year, I hope you will think to contact me.

So I will start things off by posting my 2005 PGSS class reunion would have been like.

Click on the person you would like to read more on. If you would like contact information or if you know someone's elses contact information, please email me and I will update it.

Prince George Senior Secondary (Grads of 1985)


(school name), (married name)

PGSS Picture

(grad pic)

Current Picture

(wedding, id, passport)

Your History

(What have you done in the past 20 years?)

Your Memories

(What you remember from 1985 PGSS?)

William Chow

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Ana Katalinic

She whent to Europe and got married to as Vrlic. She has a daughter. She is in the Netherlands still doing trial proceedings for the UN. She is having her name changed back to Katalinic.

She hasn't returned back for years but remembers how cold it was.

Our Friends


(school name), (married name)

Old Picture

(year, grad pic)

Current Picture

(wedding, id, passport)

Your History

(What have you done in the past 20 years?)

Your Memories

(What you remember from 1985 PG?)

May Jean Chow, (Harvester)


Went to UBC, worked at Christian materials distributor, Trinity Western bookstore and a Container shipping company. Married in 2003, living in Surrey.

living in a pink house

Petra Hotovy,


Works at Optical Canada.

riding bikes through yards

Marty Pawluk


Married with 3 kids, living in Prince George, worked fixing electronics, now working for BC Lottery fixing slot machines.

our neighbours

Cameron Dunn

1985, PGC

Working up to the rank of lieutentant for the Fredricton Fire Department. Married to Carol and has 2 boys. He also has a motorcycle shop at www.elmstreetchoppers.com.

He wished had gone to a normal public high school.

These are some of my older friends who I HAVE managed to get back in contact with. I am awaiting some newer pictures, history and contact information from you. So please contact me.


Last Known Activity

as of 2000

Updates to 2005 Reunion
Contact Status

Paige Ackerman

She is indeed doing marine studies at UBC.

tba emailed with no reply

Erik Kiss

He is a top notch computer hack at Electronic Arts.

was still at EA in 2004 emailed with no reply

Barry Christoff

He is in Ottawa finishing off his the course for admission to the Bar.

He as made it into Canadian poltics as the Special Assistant for Department of Indian Affairs for the Liberal Party Ontario. emailed with no reply

Jana Prozeniuk

She finished UBC with Engineering and worked at Glenayre. She did purchase a horse and a house in Aldergrove. She has more cats than dogs.

tba emailed with no reply

Andrew Coates

Chef at Ric's Grille in Prince George.

In Feb 2005, he was transfered to Ric's Grill in Edmonton. no email

Ryan Kogelhyde

He is doing Oracle DBA for Caterpillar in Grenoble, France. He has added Guinness to his list of favourite foods.

He hosted a 1 year reunion party. Click here for pictures.

tba MIA

Marne Stafford

In Prince George married to David Birch

tba emailed but no reply

David Birch

Working with chemicals in Prince George.

tba emailed but no reply

Trish Clark

She is in Prince George.

She owns a cell phone store next to Spruceland. emailed but no reply

Jennifer Perry

She is in Calgary and is married to Paul Varey. She had worked for Sun Life when she was in Toronto.

tba emailed but no reply

Colleen Moshenko

She is working for UNBC and is married as Norish.

She is the Science Academic Adviser at UNBC. emailed but no reply

Wendy Wiseman

Wendy is in the US working in dental hygiene and is married as Romanin.

tba emailed but no reply

Gerry Phillips

Gerry is a pastor.

tba emailed but no reply

Marc or Tanya Edelman

Marc is in Prince George. His sister, Tanya Kolybaba is in Espergaerde Danmark with her daughter.

tba emailed but no reply

Daphne McDonald

Daphne joined the military in '89 and after 11 years of service, she retired.

tba emailed but no reply

Laura Funk

Laura has spent the last 17 years around Richmond and Port Coq and Maple Ridge.

She is now named Kiera McLellan.

tba emailed but no reply

Todd Vogt

In 2000, Horizon Publications USA bought The Inyo Register and in 2001, it also purchased The Mammoth Times. Today, the newspapers are operated under the guidance and direction of Horizon Chief Executive Officer Todd Vogt.

tba emailed but no reply

Jamie Baxter

"James" is in Prince George working in the mill. He is also a volunteer fire fighter and was recently awarded for his excellence in his line of duty. He is married to Christine.

tba emailed but no reply

Dan Richter

Dan is designing his own electrical diagrams for an engineering firm.

tba emailed but no reply

Calvin Townsend


Calvin is at Trinity Western University teaching Philosophy.

As of 2004, he was still at TWU teaching religious studies. emailed but no reply
Rosemary Brbot

She is married as Cook. She teaches at College of New Caledonia (CNC) emailed but no reply.

Google search hits it right away.

Trent Blair

He is in Prince George. He works at Northern Hardware downtown. emailed but no reply
Laurie Makowsky

She is still in Prince George, she married to Mr. Bryce's (Math Teacher from Lakewood) son. tba MIA
David Uruquart

He served in the Canadian reserves for 15 years. He is married and living in Mission. He currently works for Federal Corrections emailed but no reply
Matthew Pearce

He is at Duchess Park High School teaching science just like his dad. He is still on the teaching roster at DP. MIA
Ron Walberg

He was working with disabled people in Vancouver. His dad just retired from Safety line in 2004 so I was unable to get contact info from him. MIA
Heather Davidson

She was working in Radiology at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). tba MIA
Was in nursing at VGH. tba MIA
Brian Payne

owns JJ's Pub still running JJ's Pub. emailed but no reply
Kent Nadeau

tba He is still in Prince George and has 2 kids. MIA

He has worked a lot with Debian, a free open resource linux based OS. Works at Fresh Juice, in Vancouver. emailed but no reply

Google search does produce useful results.

Bruno Saligari Bill Mahood and Bruno of the PG Fight Club put on an XFC tournament, Oct 16, 2004. tba MIA

Google search does produce some useful results.

Shane Goodwin tba tba emailed but no reply
Bob Dick tba tba emailed but no reply
tba works for Eagle Locksmiths in Powell River. emailed but no reply
In Nov 2003, after spending doing an extensive military career which included Bosnia, he is settling down in Edmonton fixing choppers. He is married and has 2 daughters. tba emailed but no reply
Harvey Parhar

In Calgary somewhere. Contact information given to me was not current. tba MIA
Steve Kazemir

Works for Pacific Design Engineers (PDE). His son was born with bilateral microtia, bilateral aural atresia and he hosts a great yahoo support group and web page. Still works for PDE emailed but no reply

Google search does produce useful results.

Matt Oleskiw

As of June 2003, Matt was the marketing manager of UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc. tba emailed but no reply
Carolyn Whitney

tba tba emailed but no reply
Janice Moshenko

Was working at UBC. She is the Director, Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development, and Lecturer, Division of Pharmacy Practice at UBC. emailed but no reply

Google search does produce useful links.

Joe Henry

Was working in Hong Kong in the entertainment industry. tba MIA
Heather Halliday Was working in Prince George as a government employee. Married as Darin. tba MIA
Bill Earle

He was living in the West End doing some trades work. He was married to Crystal. tba MIA
Angela Ottesen

I recently came in contact with her because she works at the same juice bottler as Geordie Birch. In their conversation they both learned they came from Prince George and have similar mutal friends. tba emailed but no reply
Blaine Anderson

He was still in Prince George. tba MIA
Darren Smale

He is in Kamloops running his own sporting goods shop, www.sptathletic.com. tba emailed but no reply
Helen McPherson

I quite by coincidence found her working at WD West Studios in downtown Prince George during my 2004 visit to PG. She went to Langara College for photography and when she was done, she returned to PG. tba emailed but no reply
Lee Carpenko

During my 2004 visit to PGSS, I find out that Lee is the Principal of our high school. The name sounded so familar but I couldn't place it. After scanning the yearbooks, he was in my sister's year (grad. 1986). The 2004/5 principal for PGSS. no email information

Lonnie Delisle

Pastor Lonnie was a member of the VSO, singing for the Langley Christian Life Assembly (CLA). He was the worship pastor for over 10 years in Langley. As of August 1,2005; he was appointed the worship pastor for the Broadway Church, right by my house. no email information but google search gives many good results
She has been featured on many CDs of John McDermott and Tobin Stokes. She also sings many choral. She performed at the Nelson Song festival. no email information but google search gives man good results

There are other people who I have gotten back in some contact with from Prince George. If you would like contact information, I can forward your address to them. Just email me

In Memoriadium

Well, like most things life, they will die. Someday and someway. But we shall not forget them, because as long as we do remember, they will never die.


Recent Picture
(1968 - Aug 15, 2005)

Joel lived down the street from me. He had gone to Quinson with the rest of the kids in our neighbourhood but he chose to go to DP Todd instead of Lakewood for his high school. He did a little military cadets and he also worked for Radio Shack. I have dedicated a page for him on my site here.

(1967 - May 21, 2002)
Ed was my non-related cousin. His family has much the same roots has mine. We went to PGSS together. Our families moved to Vancouver in time for Expo 86 where we had a lot of fun. We lost touch, when he began to pursue a medical career. I have a page dedicated for him on my site here.