William Chow's Personal Web Page

Vanity Search

Have you ever wondered where your information has made it on the internet? I mean, we all fill out stupid survey forms, and we register our software and our electronics. We are on tonnes of junk mail and spam mail lists. But buried in that mess, we have our presence (some people call it fame) known to the world of the WWW. So, we do a vanity search on one of the popular search engine www.google.com and this is what comes up.

My Clones

Well, unless your name is Suckwinder or Jesus, you will probably find someone else in your city or your country that has the same name as you. Since my name isn't Suckwinder, there is a good chance that I will find my clones, illegitamate childs, imposters, and impersonators out there. Eminem might be the Real Slim Shady, but I am the real William Chow. Here are a few of OTHERs that I found using the search engine, just click on it to see the *.doc file.

Anime Cons

It took me a long time to go through each and every one of the some 10 pages of hits. So, maybe there is a way to narrow the search parameters down. So I am going to see what conventions mentions my name. Click on the link to see the web pages found.

Dark God Of Anime

I am refered to as the Dark God of Anime. So, why not try a search for that. Click on the link to see the web pages found.


If you look in the Vancouver phone book for William Chow, you will find over 50 of my clones listed. Ahhh.. How about the internet? How many of my clones have made it to the internet? Click on the link here to see.

King Of Smut '95 'It Will Never End'

I have made my mark in the history of Japanese Anime in the early stages of birth in North America. The legacy has spread beyond North America, it has gone world wide. Click here to have a look where it has gone.