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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Kent Nadeau.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Kent in the early years of Quinson. He lived in a house near Andrew Coates right by the school.

I remember in PE Class, Kent got injured in the leg. He was in pain!

I also remember a day when his dad took the class on a "nature" jog. We went running through the parks and through bush and the river. After all that, he let us all pick a small piece of candy from the convience store. Wow, what a dad!


1983 Lakewood

Kent's comment reads: Kent is a jock and loves movies. He likes to watch J.D. (Jackie Desario) manicure her nails in Power Mechanics class. What fun!

1984 PGSS He writes in my annual: Chatari, good luck next year. And do my homework for me in chemistry, eh!

Ed: "Chatari" was my nickname made from the words "Chow" and "Atari".

1985 PGSS His grad comment reads: "Pooh Bear" was born right here in PG. Sandy L and chesterfield rugby are his favourite hobbies. This Gemini enjoys beer and pizza and hopes to become rich and famous. His pet peeve is Boy George.


He shows up as one of the support people for PG Surg-Med on the Motion Group Company. From the PG Surg-Med web page, he is a sales rep for the Western BC division.


I have not been able to contact him, or at least he isn't replying to his emails. He does have some contact information from the internet. You can try and contact him here.

On my trip to Prince George in 2004, I was talking with the principal about his kids. Funny how things come full cycle generation after generation...