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The year is 2009.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Birth Of Trevor

Early this year, we were expecting the awaited arrival of our new born.
Trevor On The Day He Was Born
And so with the arrival of Trevor, I was launched into parenthood.   Now, my wife was much more experienced at this as she had Alexander earlier.    So I am going to have my hands full.  There will be many learn as I go sessions as
Trevor Around The House
Trevor had his 100th day birthday party with host of friends at the Renfrew First Avenue Chinese Restaurant.
100th Day Party
 Late in the year, we started eating out at restaurants again.   One of our favourites is all you can eat sushi.   So we took the time to check out Kingsway Sushi.   Trevor's first hair cut, getting ready for Halloween.
November is the time for getting ready getting passed Halloween and getting ready for Christmas.
Trevor 3
Christmas time with dad.
Trevor 4

My Birthday

Ok, this is rather anti-climatic when compared to Trevor's birthday, but it was still a fun day in the nice weather.  Alot of my friends came over for a feast of food and thought.   We'll maybe more catching up n our group.  I like these things.