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The year is 2009.

September  2009

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Here we have brought Trevor out in the fall to Kingsway Sushi for our "all you can eat" fix.   I personally don't like most sushis but these places always have good teriyaki and kaarage.   Some places have good stuff like tonkatsu and beef sashimi.
He seems to like all the different types of fish.

He is very attentive, especially when he is getting fed in bed.   Hah..   Who wouldn't...
Trevor looks on as mommy gets his next bite ready. 

Jack and Helen join us today for dinner.yet.

Finally, Trevor gets out and waves to the camera.

In September, Trevor gets his first hair cut.
I was thinking of what he could be for Halloween, but...
but I couldn't get his costume in time.  That is ok.
I didn't have my Jet Li costume ready yet either.
Maybe next year...