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San Diego Comic Con 1995

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


This year was a interesting crew of people for the convention run, and was the first time we had a female on the run.

This year, we decided to rent a large van from Budget Rent A Car and drive it down to the con.

Our passengers this year were: me, Lysle Martin, Michael Eyben, Karl Krump, Todd Shoreman, Dan Thompson, Richard Chan, Sheldon Yip, and Anna Exter, Dave Lowen, Bob Martin (Lysle's brother).

This trip was an interesting mix of people. Radical martial artists like Richard and Sheldon brought training sticks and rubber knives to practice sparing against each other. Anna was an otaku as far the letter would let go, not to include her remoteness in Gibsons gave her a rather warpped sense of reality. Bob was also a rather sheltered child so social interaction was kinda different for him.


Anna was quite naive and posed tobe very interesting to educate. One of the lengthy topics we did a discussion on was why was it that everyone couldn't spend longer on this road trip vacation. It was a losing battle trying to explain to her that everyone else had something called JOBs and there is something called paid vacation leave and vacation pay when you WORK. Well, it isn't so much her fault she lives in a dive called Gibsons.

A pit stop in the middle of the night at Jack in The Box in Seattle.

In San Francisco, we did the Red Lion Inn again this year which was great again. This time we were a little smarter with the van.

We visited many places including Newtype Hobbies, Laser Perceptions, and Nikaku Animart.

We made a stop for breakfast stop at a Denny's. While we finished eating breakfast, Anna decided to take some time to change and freshen up. Ahhh women..... Anyway, in the boredom, Richard decided that he would try the plush toy crane game that was in the lobby of the Denny's. After failing twice to win anything, Richard complains that the machine is defective.

Of course, Med tries the game and in the first try, he wins a plushy. However, it was Purple Barney. This was the start of festitivies part 2.

Since Anna spent so much time the washroom doing women things, the guys took the Barney outside and starting playing football with it in the parking lot of the Denny's. By using the Barney as a football and a soccer ball, I am sure we tramatized the kids who were in the Denny's as the parents watched the abuse and carnage of the purple demon. As we where kicking it around, Anna finally came out of the washroom. At about that time, a truck driver walked over from the gas station next door and asked if he could kick it around to since he hated it. Yea, it was fun when he drove by with his 18 wheeler, we put it in front of him, and he ran it over with this truck! Oh the horror of it all! At this time, Michael thought of the great idea of using a zap-strap (nylon plastic ties), to attach it to the front grille of the van so it will catch all the bug splatter of the insects as our van screams down the freeway.

We also promised Lysle's uncle, who lives in San Jose, that we would come by and visit. He makes an awesome barbeque steak.

In San Deigo, we stayed at the Embassy Suites. A great hotel, nice and close the convention center. Great thing was is the all you can eat breakfast every morning, and in the evening, is the all you can drink happy hour. Great for the boozers like Lylse, David, Todd and Michael.

We met up with Kevin Karnovan, an editor for an Anime magazine. He was writting an article called "the Kaneda-ians" about fan subbing anime from Canada.

Sheldon was being the sly bastard this con. He was carrying his camera along and getting his picture taken with various model cos-players on the con floor. The lucky bastard was getting his shot taken, the model moved his hand so it cupped her breasts. Unfortunately, the time it took the cameraman to focus and snap the picture, she moved it away again. Yea, going for the free feel there...

Moldiver Chick

cat girl

wizard girl


While at the convention, we ran into Keith from Vancouver. He was also visiting the comic con at this time. We invited him over for some free food.

The convention centre was big but we could it was getting too small, and San Deigo was gonna need to get it upgraded some day.

Our room at the Ebassey Suites Hotel in San Deigo.




So after doing the math, we spent over $230 on just pop for the road trip. Can you just imagine how to fit that many cans into a mini-van and still have room for all the luggage?