Vanity Searches

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My name is well known in certian anime circles all around the world. Here are a few that I could find.

I am one of the questions on the Anime Otaku Test.
Editting credit on the translation of the manga "Bloody Angels".
A blog from a Baka Kon attendee about another fansubber.
A forum about oldtime fansubbers.

A contributor for the Canadian Anime Resources.
Editing Credit for script of Gall Force.
Credit on a Gall Force Page.
Credits on a Gall Force 3 Script.

Patlabor Movie Credits, in RUSSIAN.
Orange Road Fan site, in FRENCH.
Maison Ikkoku Script Credit.
Toward The Terra Credit.

Maison Ikkoku Translators List.
My fansubbing panel at Sakura Con as reported on
A fansubbing forum at Sakura Con as reported on
A fansubbed anime site.

Kimagure Orange Road Translators List.
An anime VHS tape trading blog.
Vampire Princess Miyu script credit.
Silent Mobius Side 1 editting credit.