My Magic The Gathering

I joined into the Magic The Gathering card game rather late in it's outset. It was already 4th Edition before I started dealing with the cards. I was running my anime store and many of my customers were just getting hooked on this collectable card game concept, including Pokemon, Animemayhem and even Dragonball. Now I really never did subscribe to the outrageous pricing of the cards, but I did love to play the game.

I was really happy to play the Magic The Gathering games on the PC for Windows 95 when they came out. I found the computer pretty stupid in the AI, but it was still fun to play anyway so I wrote a FAQ for the PC version here. My best go at the game was on the DreamCast version of the game. I wrote an FAQ on the DreamCast version located here since it was only made in Japanese.

Well, during my days of the Anime Jyanai store, I had an empty wall in my gaming room. I opened it up to let my customers make up and stick their cards up on the wall. Some were ripped and folded and made worthless. Some were scribbled on and words changed and altered. Some of them were poking fun at the game, the art, other people and even at new events that were happening at the time. I had saved the really good ones when I moved out of the store. I had dug them out when I was cleaning the other day, so I scanned in some of the better ones for my Anime Jyanai archive site, located here: page 1, page 2, page 3.

I really didn't have the inclination to continue collecting the cards past Tempest as the marketting just totally failed to impress me and I was no longer willing to be sucked in by the CCG ideology anymore. I bought a copy of Magic game for the Xbox from the cheap reject clearance pile, and yea, the game was a crappy attempt. I would have much much prefered a newer updated version of the DreamCast version.