This was the only documentation I could find

prior to making my Magic The Gathering FAQ.

He does have the card list in Japanese and in English

which is quite useful.




Magic: the Gathering FAQ v1.00 (7/11/01) by Gene



Magic: the Gathering

1 Player

1 Disc

Genre: Strategy Card Game

Memory: 6 Blocks

VGA Box Support, Visual Memory and Memory Card 4X Support


1) Introduction

2) Frequently Asked Questions

3) How to play

3.1) Controls

3.2) Game menus

3.3) Magic Heart

3.4) Playing the Computer AI

4) Walkthrough

4.1) Collecting the Gems

4.2) The Balance Tower

5) Card Lists

5.1) Sixth Edition Cards

5.2) Other Cards

5.3) Dreamcast Cards

6) Secrets

7) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera



1) Introduction


This game was released on June 28th, 2001 in Japan for the Dreamcast. It is a

strategy card game using the Magic: the Gathering (MtG) game world and system.


This FAQ will be only a FAQ directed at the questions for players familiar with

the game of MtG and are wondering whether to purchase this game, or how to play



For more information on the card game, Magic the Gathering, go to Wizards of

the Coast Homepage (http://www.wizards.com).



2) Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What is Magic: the Gathering?

A) It is a card game designed by Richard Garfield and produced by Wizards of

the Coast.


Q) Do I need to know how to play MtG before playing this game?

A) No, there is a tutorial in the game, as long as you understand Japanese.


Q) Is there any network support?

A) No. Unfortunately, there isn't any. I guess that Sega didn't put enough

development into this game. I think it was originally planned to have

network support, but in the end it didn't happen, probably due to Sega's

financial woes among software related problems and the halting of

Dreamcast production.


Q) What sets are the cards from?

A) Almost all of the 354 cards come from the 6th edition classics set, except

a few from Tempest, Alliances and the Classics set. There are ten new

Dreamcast only cards found in this game.


Q) What are the Dreamcast specific cards?

A) See the Card List section.


Q) How is the computer AI?

A) It is barely adequate. Don't expect it to pull any surprises. It basically

is too defensive. It will kill you off when it knows that it can. But,

otherwise, it doesn't play that well.


Q) Do I need to know Japanese to play this game?

A) It depends on how well you know MtG. If you can recognize the cards, you

will have a much easier time. But, if you don't know the cards, you will

need to know Japanese to figure them out. The menus are also in Japanese,

but you can figure them out pretty easily.


Q) Is the game going to be released in other markets, like America or Europe?

A) There are no plans for Sega to release the game elsewhere.


Q) Are there any plans to release other sets later with different cards?

A) Sega has not mentioned any plans yet.



3) How to play



3.1) Controls


The controls are as follows:

The directional pad moves between cards and in menus

L and R buttons scroll between cards, zoom in and out on the playfield

A button selects a card or option, or taps a card

X button skips past effects or taps for mana automatically

B returns or cancels


3.2) Game Menus


You will see the game menu on the left side with all of the cards in play

before you. Here is the listing of the menu:


<View Hand>

<View Stack of effects / spells> (if any)

<View Cards in Play> (if any)

<View Cards in the graveyard> (if any)

<View Cards removed from Play> (if any)

<Give up>


When skipping through phases (by pressing the X button), you will access

another menu.

Top option skips until the beginning of your turn

Middle option skips until the combat phase of your opponent

Bottom option skips until someone draws a card


During skipping, the B button, will stop.

It will always be interrupted by combat.



3.3) Magic Heart


Magic Heart is the town where you begin the game and can return between battles.

It is a safe place for you to edit your decks, and battle other random

opponents if you wish. You will always begin your save games in Magic Heart.

The menu of Magic Heart:

Deck edit

- edit and build new decks

View all cards

- view all of your cards out of the total 354 available

View gems / Battle

- view all of the gems that you have collected and battle any of the opponents

that you have already defeated. You can do this once you have collected a gem

from that opponent. Some opponents have multiple decks to play against. You

cannot play any of the characters from the Balance Tower

Fight random opponent

- You will fight a random opponent and are rewarded with extra cards if you win


Sound - stereo or mono

Sound effects - on or off

Visual effects - on or off

BGM - on or off

Go to another place

- Visit another place on the game map


3.4) Playing the Computer AI


The computer AI is relatively easy. But, there are some things to note about

playing it. First of all, you should know that the computer AI will start with

several cards pre-determined in its hand. It can vary from enemy to enemy, but

you will soon notice a pattern of cards that they will start with in their

initial draw, especially the final bosses. I believe this is used to balance

out the Computer AI difficulty.


It is easy to tell when the computer has some instants to play, especially

counterspells because you will notice lag while the computer is thinking between

phases. Keep an eye out for this and you can tell if the computer's holding an

instant, such as a counterspell. Also, the computer doesn't hold back a lot of

cards. It will use it almost as soon as it can.


The computer AI is far from perfect. It has some problems with some cards and

abilities. In these cases, it usually just can't detect the special abilities

of the cards. However, in other cases, the computer will misjudge when to use

the card. I've even seen it kill itself.

The computer AI has some difficulties with the following cards / abilities:

- Any ability that augments Power/Toughness in combat

- Land that inflicts damage to produce mana

- Armageddon / Boil

- Fog Elemental

- Fyndhorn Brownie

- Nevinyrral's Disk

- Radjan Spirit



4) Walkthrough


This is a quick strategy guide for Story mode.


4.1) Collecting the Gems


There are the five places that you can visit for battle besides Magic Heart, the

original town. They represent a color that you will battle in each place. You

can play them in any order that you wish. None of them are extremely hard if

you are an intermediate player. You will, of course, have to build up your

deck and keep editing it to make it stronger, but none of these opponents are

particularly strong. After defeating a boss or a sub-boss, you will receive a

gem once you have all of the gems, you can continue to the Balance Tower.

You can choose whichever sub-boss that you want to fight. You will have to beat

the bosses twice to receive the final gem of that color.

The five places, their colors and their bosses are:


Murg - Black

Boss: Hapto

Sub-bosses: Haruuz the Imp and The Black Knight, Vice


Camat Island - Blue

Boss: Wanallan

Sub-bosses: Kasheem the Faery and the Merfolk, Saji


Lydar Forest - Green

Boss: Tantanick

Sub-bosses: Fellores the Elf and the Treefolk, Element


Yeluk - Red

Boss: Ashuza

Sub-bosses: Vestas the Djinn and the Minotaur, Haakuun


Tornell - White

Boss: Harellia

Sub-bosses: Oran the Griffon and The White Knight, Rack


4.2) The Balance Tower


After collecting all of the gems from the various places, the Balance Tower

appears in the middle of the map. When you enter there are three consecutive

bosses to overcome before winning the game. They are the three forms of the

demon that is plaguing the realm. These are the toughest decks in the game. I

found that Nevinyrral's Disk is particularly useful, especially against the

first deck.


After completing the Balance Tower, you will see the staff roll and your

record against your opponents.


After completing the game once, you can only play the Balance Tower afterwards,

unless you start a new game. However, you can still fight all the opponents

from the View Gem / Battle menu in Magic Heart.



5) Card Lists


Here are all the cards in the game:


5.1) Sixth Edition Cards (335)








ÅyLand UncommonÅz

Crystal Vein/êÖèªçzñ¨

Dwarven Ruins/ÉhÉèÅ[ÉtìsésÇÃîpãï

Ebon Stronghold/éçïÇÃóvç«

Havenwood Battleground/ÉwÉCÉîÉìÉEÉbÉhÇÃåêÌèÍ

Ruins of Trokair/ÉgÉçÉEÉPÉAÇÃîpãï

Svyelunite Temple/ÉVÉîÉBÉGÉãÉiÉCÉgÇÃéõâ@

ÅyLand RareÅz

Adarkar Wastes/ÉAÉ_Å[ÉJÅ[çrå¥


City of Brass/ê^ËJÇÃìs

Karplusan Forest/ÉJÅ[ÉvÉãÅ[ÉUÉìÇÃêX

Sulfurous Springs/óâ©êÚ

Underground River/íníÍÇÃëÂâÕ


ÅyArtifact UncommonÅz

Ashnod's Altar/ÉAÉVÉÖÉmÉbÉhÇÃãüã]ë

Charcoal Diamond/íYêFÇÃÉ_ÉCÉAÉÇÉìÉh

Crystal Rod/êÖèªÇÃèÒ

Dragon Mask/ÉhÉâÉSÉìÇÃâºñ 

Fire Diamond/îÍêFÇÃÉ_ÉCÉAÉÇÉìÉh

Fountain of Youth/é·ï'ÇËÇÃêÚ

Glasses of Urza/ÉEÉãÉUÇÃä·ãæ

Iron Star/ìSÇÃêØ

Ivory Cup/è¤âÂÇÃît

Lead Golem/âîÇÃÉSÅ[ÉåÉÄ

Mana Prism/É}ÉiÅEÉvÉäÉYÉÄ

Marble Diamond/ìîíêFÇÃÉ_ÉCÉAÉÇÉìÉh

Moss Diamond/ë¤êFÇÃÉ_ÉCÉAÉÇÉìÉh

Mystic Compass/îÈãVÇÃÉRÉìÉpÉX

Obsianus Golem/çïójêÇÃÉSÅ[ÉåÉÄ


Patagia Golem/óÉñåÇÃÉSÅ[ÉåÉÄ

Phyrexian Vault/ÉtÉ@ÉCÉåÉNÉVÉAÇÃëÝ

Rod of Ruin/îjñÇÃÉçÉbÉh

Skull Catapult/ÈëÈêÉJÉ^ÉpÉãÉg

Sky Diamond/ãÛêFÇÃÉ_ÉCÉAÉÇÉìÉh

Soul Net/çÇÃñ'

Throne of Bone/çúÇÃã ç¿

Wooden Sphere/êXÇÃïÛãÖ

ÅyArtifact RareÅz

Aladdin's Ring/ÉAÉâÉWÉìÇÃéwó÷

Amber Prison/ýÊýþÇÃòS

Ankh of Mishra/É~ÉVÉÖÉâÇÃÉAÉìÉN

Bottle of Suleiman/ÉXÉåÉCÉ}ÉìÇÃí

Cursed Totem/éÙÇÌÇÍÇÉgÅ[ÉeÉÄëú

Dancing Scimitar/óxÇÈâ~åéìÅ

Dingus Egg/ïsñæÇÃóë

Disrupting Scepter/îjóÙÇÃâ§î

Dragon Engine/ÉhÉâÉSÉìÅEÉGÉìÉWÉì

Flying Carpet/ãÛîÚÇ'Oü~

Grinning Totem/ÇÇÇÇèÇ¢ÇÃÉgÅ[ÉeÉÄëú

Howling Mine/ñiǶÇÇØÇÈçzéR

Jade Monolith/êâÇÃÉÇÉmÉäÉX

Jalum Tome/ÉWÉFÉCÉâÉÄîÈñ{

Jayemdae Tome/ÉWÉFÉCÉÄÉfÅ[îÈñ{



Pentagram of the Ages/êØëöÇÃÉyÉìÉ^ÉOÉâÉÄ

Primal Clay/å¥èâÇÃìy

Snake Basket/é÷Ç©Ç

Storm Cauldron/óíÇÃëÂäò

Teferi's Puzzle Box/ÉeÉtÉFÉäÅ[ÇÃççHîÝ

The Hive/ñIÇÃëÉ

Wand of Denial/î¤íËÇÃÉèÉìÉh


ÅyBlack CommonÅz

Blood Pet/ÉuÉâÉbÉhÅEÉyÉbÉg

Bog Imp/è¿ÉCÉìÉv

Bog Rats/è¿ÉlÉYÉ~


Drudge Skeletons/ÂøÇä[çú

Dry Spell/ä£Ç´ÇÃéÙï


Fatal Blow/ñéÊÇË


Feast of the Unicorn/àÍäpèbÇÃã¿âÉ

Feral Shadow/écîEÇ»âe


Howl from Beyond/îÞïÇ©ÇÁÇÃóYã©Ç&emdash;

Kjeldoran Dead/ÉLÉCÉFÉãÉhÅ[ÇÃéÄé"

Lost Soul/ñ¿Ç¶ÇÈç

Painful Memories/íÇÐǵǢãLâØ


Raise Dead/éÄé"çê

Razortooth Rats/ÉJÉ~É\ÉäÉlÉYÉ~

Scathe Zombies/ÉXÉPÉCÉYÅEÉ]ÉìÉr

Syphon Soul/ãzç


ÅyBlack UncommonÅz

Abyssal Specter/ê[ï£ÇÃéÄóÏ

Agonizing Memories/ãÍñÇÃãLâØ


Blighted Shaman/îjñÇÃÉVÉÉÅ[É}Éì

Bog Wraith/è¿ÇÃà´óÏ

Dread of Night/ñÈÇÃêÌú

Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore/ÉIÅ[ÉÄÉYÅÅÉoÉCÅÅÉSÉAÇÃéä·

Gravebane Zombie/ïÊÇ¢ÇÁÇÇÃÉ]ÉìÉr

Hidden Horror/âBÇÇÍÇãï|

Leshrac's Rite/ÉåÉVÉÖÉâÉbÉNÇÃîÈãV

Mind Warp/êê_òcã»

Mischievous Poltergeist/à´ãYÇ»É|ÉãÉ^Å[ÉKÉCÉXÉg



Strands of Night/ñÈÇÃífï&endash;


ÅyBlack RareÅz

Abyssal Hunter/ê[ï£ÇÃéÎêl

Ashen Powder/éÄäDÇÃîÈï



Fallen Angel/ë¬ìVég

Forbidden Crypt/ã÷äÇÃïÊèä



Infernal Contract/ñªï{ÇÃå_ñÒ



Rag Man/êlÇÇÁÇ¢

Sengir Autocrat/ÉZÉìÉMÉAÇÃè]êb

Stromgald Cabal/ÉXÉgÉçÅ[ÉÄÉKÉãÉhÇÃâAñdíc

Vampiric Tutor/ãzååÇÃãé¶é"

Zombie Master/É]ÉìÉrégÇ¢


ÅyBlue CommonÅz



Dream Cache/ñÇÇÃíôǶ


Fog Elemental/îZñÇÃêóÏ

Gaseous Form/ÉKÉXâª

Horned Turtle/äpäCãT


Memory Lapse/ãLâØÇÃåáóé

Merfolk of the Pearl Trident/ê^éÏéOçñµÇÃêlãõ

Phantasmal Terrain/åâeÇÃín

Prodigal Sorcerer/ïìÝñÇèpét

Psychic Venom/ínÇÃì

Remove Soul/óÏçïíÄ

Sage Owl/ï®ímÇËÉtÉNÉçÉE

Sea Monster/ÉVÅ[ÅEÉÇÉìÉXÉ^Å[

Spell Blast/éÙïîj

Storm Crow/óíâ_ÇÃÉJÉâÉX

Tidal Surge/ëÇøäÒÇÇÈëÂîg


Vodalian Soldiers/ÉîÉHÅ[ÉfÉCÉäÉAÇÃïém

Wind Drake/ïóÇÃÉhÉåÉCÉN

ÅyBlue UncommonÅz


Air Elemental/ëÂãCÇÃêóÏ



Glacial Wall/ïXâÕÇÃï«

Harmattan Efreet/ÉAÉãÉ}ÉbÉ^ÉìÅEÉCÉtÉäÅ[Ég


Mystical Tutor/ê_îÈÇÃãé¶é"

Phantom Warrior/åâeÇÃêÌém

Power Sink/ñÇóÕè¡íæ



Segovian Leviathan/ÉZÉSÉrÉAÇÃëÂâãõ

Soldevi Sage/É\ÉãÉfÉîÉBÇÃå´êl

Wall of Air/ëÂãCÇÃï«

Wind Spirit/ïóÇÃê

ÅyBlue RareÅz

Ancestral Memories/ëcêÊÇÃãLâØ

Daring Apprentice/â äÇ»íÌéq



Diminishing Returns/êÊçÇËÇÃéâv




Library of Lat-Nam/ÉâÉgÅEÉiÉÄÇÃê}èëä

Lord of Atlantis/ÉAÉgÉâÉìÉeÉBÉXÇÃâ§

Mana Short/åÕäâ


Psychic Transfer/êñì]à


Sibilant Spirit/ïóñ¬ÇËÇÃê

Zur's Weirding/ÉYÉAÅ[ÇÃâ^ñéxîz


ÅyGreen CommonÅz

Cat Warriors/îLëÇÃêÌém

Elven Cache/ÉGÉãÉtÇÃâBǵèÍèä


Fyndhorn Brownie/ÉtÉBÉìÉhÉzÅ[ÉìÇÃÉuÉâÉEÉjÅ[

Giant Growth/ãêëÂâª

Giant Spider/ëÂíwÂÅ

Gorilla Chieftain/ÉSÉäÉâÇÃèUí

Grizzly Bears/äDêFåF

Llanowar Elves/ÉâÉmÉèÅ[ÉãÇÃÉGÉãÉt

Panther Warriors/ï^ÇÃêÌém

Pradesh Gypsies/ÉvÉâÉfÉbÉVÉÖÇÃïYîëñØ

Rampant Growth/ïsã¸ÇÃé©ëR

Redwood Treefolk/ÉåÉbÉhÉEÉbÉhÅEÉcÉäÅ[ÉtÉHÅ[ÉN


Scaled Wurm/çbóÿÇÃÉèÅ[ÉÄ

Shanodin Dryads/ÉVÉÉÉmÅ[ÉfÉBÉìÇÃÉhÉâÉCÉAÉh

Stalking Tiger/îEÇ&emdash;äÒÇÈå'

Stream of Life/ñÇÃêÏ

Trained Armodon/åPóÇÇÍÇÉAÅ[ÉÇÉhÉì



Wild Growth/îñ

ÅyGreen UncommonÅz

Creeping Mold/îEÇ&emdash;äÒÇÈÉJÉr

Elven Riders/ÉGÉãÉtÇÃãRéË

Fallow Earth/ãxçkín

Familiar Ground/ínåÇÃóò

Femeref Archers/ÉtÉFÉÅÉåÉtÇÃéÀéË

Fyndhorn Elder/ÉtÉBÉìÉhÉzÅ[ÉìÇÃåòV


Radjan Spirit/ÉâÉWÉÉÉìÇÃê

River Boa/ÉäÉoÅ[ÅEÉ{ÉA

Summer Bloom/â'êÇËÇÃâ

Thicket Basilisk/ñÇðÇÃÉoÉWÉäÉXÉN

Uktabi Orangutan/ÉEÅ[ÉNÉ^ÉrÅ[ÅEÉIÉâÉìÉEÅ[É^Éì

Unseen Walker/å©Ç¶Ç¥ÇÈóêl

Untamed Wilds/çrÅXǵǴé©ëR


Worldly Tutor/ëê¢ÇÃãé¶é"

ÅyGreen RareÅz

Birds of Paradise/ãäyí

Call of the Wild/ñÏêÇÃåÇ&emdash;ê

Dense Foliage/åQót

Early Harvest/ëÅìEÇð

Elder Druid/èç¿ÉhÉãÉCÉh

Elvish Archers/ÉGÉãÉtÇÃéÀéË


Living Lands/êÇ´ÇÇ¢ÇÈëÂín


Nature's Resurgence/é©ëRÇÃïúäà


Tranquil Grove/ïâÇÃéó&emdash;

Uktabi Wildcats/ÉEÅ[ÉNÉ^ÉrÅ[ÅEÉèÉCÉãÉhÉLÉÉÉbÉg

Verduran Enchantress/êVóÇÃèóñÇèpét

Waiting in the Weeds/ëêâAÇÃë"ÇøïöÇ

Wyluli Wolf/ÉèÉCÉãÅ[ÉäÅ[ÇÃòT


ÅyRed CommonÅz

Anaba Bodyguard/ÉAÉiÅ[ÉoÇÃÉ{ÉfÉBÉKÅ[Éh

Anaba Shaman/ÉAÉiÅ[ÉoÇÃÉVÉÉÅ[É}Éì

Balduvian Barbarians/ÉoÉãÉfÉÖÉîÉBÉAÇÃîÿë


Fit of Rage/åÉçV

Flame Spirit/ââäÇÃê

Giant Strength/ãêêlÇÃóÕ

Goblin Digging Team/ÉSÉuÉäÉìåäå@ÇËïîëý

Goblin Elite Infantry/ÉSÉuÉäÉìêâsïýïïîëý

Goblin Hero/ÉSÉuÉäÉìÇÃóEém

Lightning Blast/ìdåÇîj

Mountain Goat/ÉVÉçÉCÉèÉÑÉM


Raging Goblin/ì{ÇËãǧÉSÉuÉäÉì

Sabretooth Tiger/åïéïå'



Spitting Earth/ëÂínÇÃîÚI

Stone Rain/êÇÃâJ

Talruum Minotaur/É^Å[ÉãÉãÅ[ÉÄÅEÉ~ÉmÉ^ÉEÉãÉX


Viashino Warrior/ÉîÉBÅ[ÉAÉVÅ[ÉmÇÃêÌém

ÅyRed UncommonÅz

AEther Flash/èìVÇÃëMå





Fire Elemental/âäÇÃêóÏ


Goblin Recruiter/ÉSÉuÉäÉìÇÃíïÂï

Hulking Cyclops/ãêëÃÇÃÉTÉCÉNÉçÉvÉX

Orcish Artillery/ÉIÅ[ÉNúWã|ëý

Orcish Oriflamme/ÉIÅ[ÉNÇÃåRä¯


Spitting Drake/âêÅÇ´ÉhÉåÉCÉN


Volcanic Geyser/ónäï¨â

Wall of Fire/âäÇÃï«

ÅyRed RareÅz

Balduvian Horde/ÉoÉãÉfÉÖÉîÉBÉAÇÃëÂåR

Crimson Hellkite/ê^çgÇÃÉwÉãÉJÉCÉg



Final Fortune/çåÇÃìqÇØ

Goblin King/ÉSÉuÉäÉìÇÃâ§

Goblin Warrens/ÉSÉuÉäÉìÇÃëÉåä

Hammer of Bogardan/É{ÉKÅ[É_ÉìÇÃí»

Illicit Auction/ñìÇÃã£ÇË




Reckless Embermage/ññdÇ»ÇÈÉGÉìÉoÅ[ÇÃñÇìém

Relentless Assault/òAë±ìÀåÇ


Volcanic Dragon/âéRÇÃÉhÉâÉSÉì


ÅyWhite CommonÅz

Armored Pegasus/äZÇÃÉyÉKÉTÉX

Circle of Protection : Black/çïÇÃñhåâ~

Circle of Protection : Blue/ê¬ÇÃñhåâ~

Circle of Protection : Green/óÇÃñhåâ~

Circle of Protection : Red/ê'ÇÃñhåâ~

Circle of Protection : White/îíÇÃñhåâ~

D'Avenant Archer/É_ÉuÉiÉìÉgÇÃéÀéË



Healing Salve/é°ñ¸ÇÃìÓçp

Hero's Resolve/óEémÇÃåàà"

Infantry Veteran/óêÌÇÃïýï

Mesa Falcon/ÉÅÉTÅEÉtÉ@ÉãÉRÉì


Regal Unicorn/çcíÈàÍäpèb


Resistance Fighter/ÉåÉWÉXÉ^ÉìÉXï

Samite Healer/ÉTÉ}ÉCÉgÇÃñ¸ÇµéË

Standing Troops/èÌîåR

Tundra Wolves/ÉcÉìÉhÉâòT

Venerable Monk/ÇÝÇËÇ™ÇÇ¢òVèCìém

Warrior's Honor/êÌémÇÃó_ÇÍ

ÅyWhite UncommonÅz

Ardent Militia/å£êgìIñØïíc


Daraja Griffin/É_ÉâÉWÉÉÅEÉOÉäÉtÉBÉì

Divine Transformation/ê_ê´ïà

Enlightened Tutor/åÂÇËÇÃãé¶é"

Heavy Ballista/èdÉoÉäÉXÉ^ïîëý


Light of Day/ìíÜÇÃå

Longbow Archer/íã|ï


Serra's Blessing/ÉZÉâÇÃèjïü

Spirit Link/çÇÃJ

Staunch Defenders/åòòSÇ»ñhâqëý

Unyaro Griffin/ÉEÉìÉÑÉçÅEÉOÉäÉtÉBÉì

Wall of Swords/åïÇÃï«


ÅyWhite RareÅz

Animate Wall/ìÆÇï«



Celestial Dawn/ìVäEÇÃèåå


Ethereal Champion/ìVèÇÃóEé"



Kjeldoran Royal Guard/ÉLÉCÉFÉãÉhÅ[ÇÃãþâqëý

Order of the Sacred Torch/êÇ»ÇÈìîâÇÃãRémíc

Pearl Dragon/ê^éÏÇÃÉhÉâÉSÉì

Reverse Damage/É_ÉÅÅ[ÉWîì]




Wrath of God/ê_ÇÃì{ÇË


5.2) Other Cards (9)


ÅyBlack CommonÅz

Death Pits of Rath/ÉâÅ[ÉXÇÃéÄÇÃìÞóé (Tempest)


ÅyBlack RareÅz

Bad Moon/ïsãgÇÃåé (Reprint)


ÅyBlue CommonÅz

Manta Riders/ñfà'ïóÉâÉCÉ_Å[ (Tempest)


ÅyWhite UncommonÅz

Swords to Plowshares/åïÇåLÇ (Reprint)


ÅyArtifact RareÅz

Nevinyrral's Disk/ÉlÉrÉjÉâÉãÇÃâ~î' (Reprint)

Winter Orb/ì~ÇÃïÛã  (Reprint)


ÅyLand RareÅz

Thawing Glaciers/óZÇØÇÇïXâÕ (Alliances)


5.3) Dreamcast Only Cards (10)


ÅyBlack RareÅz

Hapato's Might/ÉnÉpÉgÉDÇÃÉJ

Instant 2B

- Target creature receives +X/+0 where X is a random number from 0 to 6.


Murgish Cemetery/É}Å[ÉMÉbÉVÉÖÇÃóÏâÄ

Enchantment 4BB

- 3B, Discard a card from your hand to bring a X/X black token into play where

X is a random number from 2 to 6.


ÅyBlue RareÅz

Camato Scout/ÉJÉ}ÉçÅ[ÇÃêÀåÛ

Summon Merfolk (2/3) 1UU

- When Camato scout comes into play, it gains landwalk of a random basic land type.


Saji's Torrent/ÉTÉWÇÃåÉó¨

Instant 1U

- Tap X creatures where X is a random number from 0 to 5.


ÅyGreen RareÅz

Lydari Druid/ÉäÉ_ÉãÇÃÉhÉãÉCÉh

Summon Druid (2/2) 2G

- When Lydari Druid comes into play, all lands are transformed permanently to

a random basic land.


Lydari Elephant/ÉäÉ_ÉãÇÃè¤

Summon Elephant (X/Y) 4G

- X and Y equal random numbers from 3 to 7.


ÅyRed RareÅz

Velican Dragon/ÉîÉFÉäÉJÉìÉhÉâÉSÉì

Summon Dragon (5/5) 5RR

- Flying, when Velican Dragon is blocked, it receives +X/+O until the end of

turn, where X is a random number from 0 to 5.


Ashuza's Breath/ÉAÉVÉÖÉUÅ[ÇÃÉuÉåÉX

Sorcery 1R

- all creatures take X damage, where X is a random number from 0 to 2.


ÅyWhite RareÅz

Arden Angel/ÉAÅ[ÉfÉììVég

Summon Angel (4/4) 4WW

- During your upkeep, if Arden Angel is in the graveyard, there is a 1 in 4

chance that you can bring it directly into play under your control.


Tornellan Protector/ÉgÅ[ÉlÉbÉâÉìÇÃîðåÏé"

Summon Cleric (1/2) 2W

- Tap, this turn damage dealt to target player or creature is reduced by X,

where X is a random number from 1 to 3.


6) Secrets


If you put the game disc into your PC, you can view Sample.bmp, the world map

with a BMP-compatible viewer.



7) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera


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