Anime Jyanai's  Wall Of Magic 

Have you ever looked at a simple picture and remembered a whole lot of extra history that comes along with that picture.   Of course you do, that is why photos are so great.   Ever look at a picture and it reminds you of something else?   Of course, that is how advertising works.

Let me paint the background for you.   The year is 1995.   My anime store, Anime Jyanai has just finished moving from the Renfrew location to the Broadway location.   The news is just full of child sexual abuse stories from MIchael Jackson, catholic priests, and famous people.  On TV, X-files was filling our minds with abductions and body probes;  Beavis and Butthead were making innocent words like “tool” sexual ones; Star Trek was still coming out with new episodes, and a newly revised Star Wars Trilogy with fresh footage.  Magic the Gathering and Pokemon were the kings of the “Collectable Trading Card” games, and Sailor Moon also had a massive amount of cards to collect.

Which leads to the story of my wall.   Like any collectable card game, there are rare cards which everyone wants to keep, and there are common cards which just about everyone will have more dupes than they know what to do with.   One day, someone stapled a magic common card to my wall.   From that, others started tacking and taping magic cards to my wall.   Soon after some people started to modify the cards and pinning them up on the wall.  Now, I know some people worship their cards so religiously that they wouldn't dream of punching holes, stapling them to a wall or scribbling all over them.    Well, I guess some of my customers were kinda "different".

I have not editted any of these cards, and I don’t know who all the authors are so please no flame mail.   This is not an attack on Magic, rather, this happened to be the rather strange canvas that the customers of Anime Jyanai have painted an image of what the year 1995 was.

So here we have a collection of some of the ones that I managed to save and now post up 15 years later.  Please laugh with us, and remember what your life was like in 1995.

These cards were created by customers of Anime Jyanai, they do not represent my opinion or the store's opinion. Magic the Gathering is copyrighted by Wizard's Of The Coast, and the artwork is copyrighted by the various artists and WOTC.  The magic cards (pictures and captions) are just shown here as a reference to help explain the comedy behind the nicknames, and to preserve the archive of what was posted on the wall back in 1995. They are not for duplication or for actual game play.

Looks like a phallic symbol, let's ban it!
Had a customer who wrote black trench coat all the time and refered himself as the "Dark One." "Let's Cling Together " is a quote from the game Tactics Orge.
More phallic symbols. Remember this 80's song? "Relax! Don't do it. When you wanna cum."
Chinko is a Japanese slang for penis. Hadoken is Ryu's fireball from Street Fighter II. 
... and do you remember where the special attack from the Cho-Aniki's comes from?

It does sort of resemble Stanley Park.
An Animemayhem card: John loves girl animes.
The main card for the Michael Jackson jokes.
The store was located next to the "Hasty Market" where they sold fried chicken, "Mojo" style. One day we saw this HUGE, well fed, rat the size of small cat in the bushes beside it.

Remember Michael Jackson's parody song "Eat it" was on Weird Al's "Bad Hair Day".
This is in reference to those Catholic Priests that got busted for molestation of those choir boys.
Two commonly heard phrases heard in the store, "Bend Over" and "Take Off Your Pants!"
You can call it "Tim" or "pinger" but we noticed he looked like Star Trek's "Jean Luc".

This is in reference to the time JD was looking for a poking tool, and said "Gimme something long and hard."
Another variation of this card.
Use the "Protection vs White" stuff against this "pinger" or in this case "sprayer"
Doesn't he look like Wolverine?

More Catholic priest references.
Ok, how many times in fantasy games have we ever "controlled" the creatures?
Reference to bad cooking in animes. Example: Usagi from Sailor Moon or Akane from Ranma.
X-Files/Simpsons brought on a new word into the popular media, "Anal Probe".
In reference to the King Of Fighters '95 finishing super move where you can blow the clothes off Yuri, Mai or King.
Reference to Hasty Market and their Mojo chicken. And just where did they get that meat from? Was it really chicken?
More Michael Jackson fun.
From the Maysa game Langrisser, they became a customer favourite.