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Wedding Pictures

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Photo Store

As described in my travel log, this was an experience in itself. In a nutshell, going to the photo studio is not like it is in North America. In Canada, the wedding party would wear their tux/dress to the shoot and the pictures are shot and thats the end. In China, you walk in right off the street looking like a bum. They make your face up, fix up/restyle your hair and they will tailor fit you into the clothes. They give you 5 or 6 choices of clothes, and they shoot you in front of many backgrounds and composites and screens (easier Photoshop-ing afterwards). The problems I see in North American photo shoots is that the clothing is boring. All the shots are using the same tux and wedding dress. The second most common problem is that the guys are wearing black suits, and the stupid photographer insists on using dark backgrounds to shoot against, which results in the clothes blending into the background and that just looks so stupid. My only big complaint about the Chinese photos is that they need someone who understands English spelling and grammar to do the Photo editting, because they know jack shit when they random splash English words into the photos.

Anyway, here are some of the results of our photo shoot. We had taken over 200 digital shots at 10MP on a Nikon SLR camera, and we had to choose only 30 for our book. That was tough because we took so many good shots. Here are a few...


Please click on the thumbnails to enlargen the larger pictures.


Marriage Office
It is a whole adventure in itself inside the government office. For my complete story please click here. Here is what my marriage license looks like at the end of it all.