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I certianly not fit to do a Handyman's Corner nor am I set out to do another www.gamefaqs.com site. But I have some information to contribute to all those who really are stuck and need answers to your favourite games. I have written many of these because I myself have found that the interent as large as it is, still lacked the answers I needed to my questions. So, I hope that my experiences and my information I have here will help you in find your own answers and help you complete your endevours.

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Langrissa & Der Langrisser - PC Engine, PSX, Genesis/MegaDrive

Soft Modding The Xbox

Ascension The IOS Game

Restoration and Maintenance of a Korg RK-100 Keytar

Modding the Alesis / Yamaha Drum Stand Kit
Pokemon Go
InAndOn / BestSound English Support Files