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At first, I was not interested in this game.   Well, that lasted a week, and I broke down and downloaded it and started to play.   That was July 15, 2016.

Now, I have played for several months, I have gotten somewhere in the game.   Here is some of my progress and some of my tools I used to help me in the game.  Feel free to browse and download some of the tools if they seem useful to you.

Good luck and "Catch Them All!"

Please feel free to browse around my links and pictures. 


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Level Up Stats CP vs Stardust Excel Calculator

Pokemon  Go Lvl Up CP vs Dust.xlsx

An Alternative Strategy To Attack and Win Gyms

A Different Way To Fight Gyms

My Pokemon Go pokedex.  

Completed Generation 1 and 2.

Pokemon Go - My Completed Pokedex Generation 1+2

My Pokemon Go team Pokedex

for Generation 1,2,3 (beta)


My Trading List