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English Supplemental For the InAndOn / BestSound Karaoke Machines

I was building my own Karaoke server since the advent of PHP 4.0.   Anyway, I aquired two of these InAndOn 800s machines.
I have recently aquired a BestSound 800b unit and have found them to be very similar.

Now, if you have one of these things karaoke machines from China, then you know these are designed in Chinese.  
The menus are in Chinese and the manual is in Chinese and the support program is in Chinese.  It doesn't help a banana like me.

So here is my own personal instructions and utilities and Excel spreadsheet with macros for this machine.  Please use carefully and at your own risk.
I hope to have an English Map of the menu tree and a layout map of the remote control in the future.
I also plan to make a replacement remote control set for the Harmony remote controls in case you lose your remote for this machine.

If you have any questions, please feel contact me.

Click on the file you would like to see.

English Software for Windows XP