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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions : Dead Or Alive X-treme Beach Volleyball

I certianly not fit to do a Handyman's Corner nor am I set out to do another www.gamefaqs.com site. But I have some information to contribute to all those who really are stuck and need answers to this very popular Xbox game. I have written many of these FAQs because I myself have found that the interent as large as it is, still lacked a descriptive way to finish these games. Most of the code sites for this game only have lists of suits/items/accessories. These of course are almost totally useless to you if you are actually stuck on one of the swimsuits. So, I hope that my experiences and forum reading that I have here will help you in find your own answers and help you complete your game.


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Dead Or Alive Giving Swimsuits FAQ

Dead Or Alive Hated/Disliked Swimsuits For Hitomi Roster Log

Item/Swimsuit/Accessory Checklist (Word) , Check List in Excel Format

Swimsuits List & Reaction Table Sorted By Origin Excel Format

Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball Basic Instructions & FAQ

Love & Like ITEMS & ACCESSORIES, an older FAQ

Personal Log File Of Game Play And Progress

My Song Selections For The DOAxVb Radio Station (Excel Format)