Anime Jyanai Archives

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Here are some of the historic pictures of Vancouver's first real Japanese Animation Retail Store.

This is my fourth and final location of Anime Jyanai (2000-2005).
You will enter through a what looks like a very very small closet.
First thing that hits your eyes is a huge two sided DVD rack that extends 16 feet into the store and rises almost 10 feet into the air, a DVD shelf that holds almost 3500 anime DVDs.
The walls on both sides of the room are lined with a VHS shelf that ran right to the 12 foot ceiling and ran over 30 feet on both sides, packed full of over 6000 video cassettes of anime.

The couch at the front of the store.
A commissioned picture drawn by local artist Cyrus showing a few of my favourite anime characters on my couch in the store.
Here is Saveun busy on the computer updating the ever growing store inventory.

The first Anime Jyanai on Renfrew Street.  When you walk in.  1989!
Looking back out to the door, you see Renfrew Street and the bus stop.
VHS tapes!
Come around the desk.  Note the video game consoles in the back!

A much younger me, ready to help you with your anime needs.
From the archives!   Here is an old FAQ, policy sheet.  Take a look at the top of page 2...  Great...
Here is a poem someone wrote about the "victims" of Anime Jyanai.