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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Ron Walberg.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Ron was one of Erik's close friends. I met him as I was going to Lakewood Jr. Secondary School. He was living in a real nice house in the Foothills. I remember a many times I would walk from Erik's house on Urquhart through a short cut through paths to get there.

I remember we had many fun parties at his house. There was one time, me and Erik were bored so we went over to Ron's house. Only his younger brother Derek was home, and Ron was at work. Then we started calling friends over for a party, so when he arrived home, we had it roaring!
I remember another one of Ron's party. His brother Derek and his friend decided to get stupid and piss on the heat rocks in the sauna downstairs. Shit!! did that ever reak all over the house!
Yes, Ron was a party animal. Well, little one. Here is stands beside my sister's friend Chris. As short as she was, he was even shorter.
Here is Ron across the table from me at the Lakewood grad dinner stuffing his face.
Here is rockin' Ronnie, at my imfamous 16th birthday party, where he was twisting away with Gina. She later marries my friend and neighbour Marty.
Ron was also one of the many people who fled Prince George to larger cities like Vancouver. Here he is visiting me at the my place after Expo. Unfortunately, this is the last shot I have of him before I lost contact with him.


1983 Lakewood His grad comment reads: Big Guy (???) whose ambition is to be a large football or rugby player someday. Dream On!!


I heard from Erik that Ron was in Vancouver working with the disabled.

I remembered that his dad worked at Timberline Safety Wear in Prince George. However, when I went to the shop during my visit in 2004, his dad just retired a few months earlier.

If you know how I can contact Ron, please contact me here.