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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Matthew Pearce.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

I was introduced to Matt as a consequence of knowing Erik Kiss. His father is a teacher at Lakewood School. I will always remember him as the tall, ever prismatic, cocky, and a promising athletic star.

I remember a time and the reason I have forgotten, him and some of the other jocks like Todd Johma grabbed me and bruised my nipples in the hallway. The favourite term of the time was called a "purple herpie". I had gotten my revenge on them in a quiet and more convert way. Yea, I hate it when the bullies win.

Matt went on to go to UBC. I remember he tried out for the varsity football team. In his game and first play, he received the football punt and ran it in for a 90 yard touchdown. He unfortunately didn't pursue a career into professional sports. He decided to go down the road of teaching like his father. His parents are pictured on the left of this picture. This is from the Lakewood grad dinner.


1983 Lakewood His grad comment reads: Matt hates watching people who bounce when they walk and watching Rick Poitras play BB (basketball). He wants to grow up and become a peguin rancher.
1983 Lakewood He writes in my yearbook: Best Wishes, Matt the Rat.
1985 PGSS His grad comment reads: "Matt The Rat" would like to visit Boliva where life is cheap. His favourite food is anything he can spell.


I was never able to meet up with Matt. On my trip to Prince George in 2004, he was not teaching the day I went to Duchess Park. Although, I did see Mr. Galloway that day still teaching Typing (although at the time they called it Keyboarding). When I visited his parent's house, I met his father who vaguely remembers me.

I also hear from the grapevine that he married his youth days sweetheart, Sherrie. They went back to Prince George , both with teaching certificates. She teaches at Lakewood Jr Secondary School.
As of 2006, he was teaching at Duchess Park High School in Prince George. He teaches art, and from what I hear from his student (Samuel Stevenson), he rather not teach gym class or science class like his father.
I have not been able to contact him at all. If you bump into him, please let him know I would like to contact him. He has no known email, but you can try to contact him here.