New Year Party Dec. 31, 2006

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So it is almost getting to be an annual event for the guys of the old AJ group. We seem to always pick our usual hangout because it has a lot of room and it doesn't have a lot of other people like parents and significant others to worry about.

The guys begin right way to the table top for gaming.
Definitely lots of good food.
Joey pulled her surprise baby out to play.
The game of choice this time is Risk 2100.

How To Conquer the World
Shoot 'em Up
King hovers over the food.

Texas Hold'em Poker
Table of high rollers.
Or Not..
Now while the guys do Poker, the girls do Mahjong.
New Year and new babies.
Future Daddy!
Food and game.
Watching the action.
Two games at once.
Watching the countdown.
In with 2007!
Now, ignore the TV and back to gaming.