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Anime Jyanai Group 1 : Renfrew

This a sub-page of some of my new friends that I have made when I moved over to Vancouver. The name of the group comes from the street name of my first store I lived open. It was located at the corner of Broadway And Renfrew beside a Petro Canada.

In Chinese sub-culture, it is customary to refer to proper names of people by their nicknames when in an informal situation. For example, Vancouver is known as Hum-sue-fa, which literally translates to Salt Water City. Here are some of my new friends with their nicknames that they chose (or we chose for him...), If you need to contact any of these people, please feel free to email me. If you know how to contact these people or remember someone I forgot to mention or need to make a correction, please also contact me.

I have also added icons to represent some "personality" traits and "fetishes" that we (in our group) have attached to the person. The column labelled Clones is used for references in the real world, that the evil clones have gone on to become famous, while my nameless friend remains a nobody.


Nickname & Origin




King Of Smut '95 - From the video game King of Fighters '95. I adopted the title for all the hentai that I have started to collect.

I was the ring leader of the circus of clowns.

With the huge collection of anime videos, books and CDs, I gained the title of a librarian.

(none found)

Paul Oales

He's P5! He's Pretty, He's Pink, He's Perverted! : It's Power Ranger Paul! After watching too much Sailor Moon, and being the shorter and smaller of two Paul's, he graduated from Chibi Paul (ie. Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon), to the more accurate P5.

More than the most of us he probably does more gym time and more outdoor time.

Although not the only one that plays first person shooters, but he was the first one in our group who bought the Xbox just to play Halo.

Here we have Golden Boy our eccentric bike otaku, accurate to the bike, cap, and the long hair.

Daryl Yang

He adopted the mech, Scope Dog, from the Armoured Trooper Votoms series.

He was the first person I knew who had too much money to spend so he bought new LDs, Playstations, Dreamcast, Saturns, and PS2 at their first released prices.

An apsiring DJ, "Hey look a me, I am the shocker MC."

The programmer for "Real Sound" for the Sega DreamCast.

John Otsuka


GTO - Great Teacher Otsuka!

 Oh ho ho ho! It all happened after a bad restaurant outting at Swiss Chalet, when were waiting outside of the Earl's. John takes off his belt and starts swinging it around and whipping Kevin with it. From that point, we adopted the whip happy character Rascel-sensei from Red Riding Hood Cha Cha.

"Looking for a Yuna girl for my Otsuka world.. She's not plastic, that's just fantastic."

The picture we used for John was from the X-files, but of course, since his favourite characters are Galaxy Faulin Yuna, Hime-chan, Red Riding Hood Cha-Cha, Ririka and Minky Momo; we had to modify that to the P-philes.

Here was one of the multi-player games we played all the time. It is obvious from this picture why GTO liked this game.
He was one of the first in our group to get awesomely good at Dance Dance Revolution. This introduced our group to the whole Konami beat set of games including Para Para, Guitar-Drum-Keyboard Mania.
In the age, where we were young and lacking transportation for our Richmond runs, he was the first to get a Sentra and started Team Nissan. This brings up the story where John took Kevin to Richmond in the trunk of the car. Not only was it a bumpy ride down there, but he also had the bass woofer beside him.

I chose this picture of long black hair because a waitress at a restaurant came up from behind John (when had long hair) and said "Excuse me Miss." His parents bribed him with a PSX to cut his hair.

Dan Pagtakhan

Field of View, known for their "Dan-Dan" song used as the OP song for Dragonball GT.

Norman Bates from Psycho. Now, you can get his nickname Psy-D out the movie, or his attitude from the title, or Bate's quiet compose or Bate's mama complex. A perfect role model!

As a trend setter, he is always ready to set the example by trying out new hair styles that uses an amazing amount of gel.

As the second person to assemble the team Nissan with his Nissan Silvia S14 (better known here as the 240SX), this lead to some pretty crazy road trips.

Kevin Lee

He spent countless hours in the store playing the game Langrisser (Warsong) on all the platforms. But his "story" was much more true to what Satoshi "Breast Man" Urushihara would have been capable of if it wasn't for Japanese censorship.

I put this L5R card for his imfamous hiaku he wrote during a RPG game. The module suggested that the "honourable" samurai had to write a Haiku (5-7-5 sylable poem). From the top of his head something resembling this came out:

"Nak-ed lit-tle boy, glis-sten-ing in the wa-ter, I want to touch him."

Oh well, so much for the honour points.



Nelson was known as Nelson on Nelsons, based off of the restaurant called Richards located on Richards Street, because he lived downtown near guess what....

He wasn't known to take his alcohol one day when we had to drive him home all the way to New West from downtown.

The first in our group to join the ranks as a bike courier. Full with piercings and all.


Victor Lee

He has chosen the nickname "Alphonse" after Unit 1 from Patlabor.

He works with the swiftness and secrecy of a ninja. Without as much as a word, he bought a town house, moved out, got married and got his wife pregant all under the group's radar of attention.

Alan Liu

The sentai of the darkness. He is the Kamen Inju Rider Black XXX.

If you need good tentacle smut or perverted guys in coloured motorcycle suits, or both, then Inju master would be please to extend a tentacle.

The super otaku in disquise ready to transform.

I think I learned the word obscurity from Alan as he supported greats like the PCE-FX and lesser known manga lines like Dengeki Diaoh, and Gao.


Sheldon Yip

Ninja Master Gara of the series "Bastard" - He is named after the big yet stealthy master of the ninjas who will never best Dark Schnieder (DS).

He was interested in the most boring kind of smut you can find.

An inspiring martial arts and weapons dealer.

Fonda Louie

Better known as the Fonz.

He also gets the ninja icon, for being the quiet cousin of Chad, who tried to hide his marriage from everyone else.

He is the "forerunner" of our group, as he is always ready to try something new and adventurous.

Also one to experiment with hair style, he was the first to tint his hair anime green, as well as an Elvis cut too.
Jude Kirkham

Plutarch is his MSN pseudo, known for his radical ideas.

.Ultimate fan of the junk food, Mac & Cheese, pizza and all that is bad for you. Best known for his loyality to MacDeath and pizza on a road trip to the US.

Not the first in our group to take a job as a security guard but definitely one who works best alone with no human contact.


Special aura attack

Lylse Martin

He adopted the nickname NeonFox, from his fetish for anthropomorphic "furry" stuff and his new Ford Neon.

He started an anime club in Abbottsford. He started an idea to do road trips down to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

He also started a bulletin board system back in to early days of anime.

We also built one of the only anime jackets done by a fan club. Expensive and very limited run of 24 jackets. 50,000+ embroidery stitches for each jacket.

George from Seinfeld.

Mujib Rahman



He was able to publish a Robotech comic for Academy comics.

He was a big Macross Plus, and Macross 7 fan.

He is a party animal with bloodshot eyes.

Evil clone is on the left as part of the band "Hummingbird" on the Macross 7 Soundtrack. While on the topic of long hair, don't you think the guy on the right looks like Matt?

Vince Pang

Wu-Pang, is just like the music group, can't sing, can't dance, can't play musical instruments, and can't rap.

Like a lemming, he is a great follower of trends. , such as lollicon animes, Sega Saturn, PSX, PSP, and gasphons.

He is also a walking weapons cache as he started to collect knives, guns, armour, and other army surplus. After seeing what Richard had amassed.

He tried his cullinary hand by going to cooking school, but after going through the hell of a line kitchen at Catcus Club, decided to return to security. Also worked as a security guard, but now has changed slightly to armoured car services.

Richard Chan

Richard was so happy that he could become a member of our "inner circle".

The first person to start building his arsenal.

He studied many different forms of martial arts, stick and hand combats, and armed combats.


He chose the nickname King over his Chinese name.

An early follower of anime.

A true otaku as our social stick in the mud.

Dilber Mann

He aggressively pursued his love for art and computers. He majored in computer modelling.

He constantly is travelling and working abroad so we don't see him for long periods of time.

Rob Sawtell

Ryoohki is one of his favourite pets from the anime Tenchi Muyo.

He is our walking encylopedia by watching too many TV, anime, and movies.

Often referred to as our token "white guy", he actively follows his national sports teams in soccer and rally.

Often caught on two sides of the politics and social mishaps, he finds himself often in the role of the negotiator.
Jeremy Dreher

One of his favourite animes, Ranma 1/2.

RamAss was mutated from Ranma & the red truck he didn't buy.

Often saying words that made him that butt end of a joke or wished he put his foot in his mouth, he is often stomped on.

He was the first to travel to Japan, meet and marry the otaku's dream, a Japanese girl.

He was the only person who had their parody song completed. It came from the Jackie Chan City Hunter Movie, the song Gala Gala Happy. The song was based off his fetish for Sailor Mars and the life sized poster of her on the ceiling above his bed. "Gala Gala Happy, Jeremy & Sailor Mars"
Chad Ma

Crying Freeman

The third person to have a parody song started but never completed. It was based off his habit of browsing the internet for porn. "You know it's Chad, It's Chad, You know it, It's Chad."

As the main right hand man, he rose to thru the ranks and became the convention chair of Anime Evolution.

Spinning off an inpulse idea from Vince, a parody picture was made by sticking Chad's and Jeremy's faces on this CD.
Chris Smith

The master of inflicting social, financial, and personal pain on himself.

Unlike the average otaku in our group, he has gone through more girlfriends than he has underwear.

He has learned the Japanese habit of whimsically upgrading electronics just because it is cool to have the latest and greatest. He is also a self proclaimed DJ of Techno.
Colin Remedios

An avid fan of Transformers who at one time assembed a huge army of toys.

The second in our group to get married. Also the second in our group to get a wife from overseas.

He also gets the lemming icon for buying anything that Dan buys.
Mike Kline

He is our resident raver.

Mike is always ready to accept new roommates.

Anna Exter

She self taught herself Japanese, and thus became one of my early translators.

She was a penpal of mine from Gibsons.

Voon Liew

He's our back up man from the bullpen.

Masunobu Nakumura


Being an avid Japanese otaku, he also was one of my early translators.

He also had a real strange wardrobe.
One of the people who spent too much money on this game, and still does.
Also spends a lot of time and money at the video game arcade too.
Matt is famed for perfecting a technique for driving a car without his hands so he can eat fried chicken. He is part of an acting troop that does super heroines beating up monsters. Unfortunately, he usually is the monster.
George Laio

He has his stash of anime posters under his bed, so he can make the comment that he sleeps on top of Sarah (Virtual Fighter).

He lived in a basement suite without a proper kitchen. So, his closest place for food every day was Mr. Submarine.

Another person who spent too much time on Magic. So much so, I traded him a magic card for his microwave oven.
Derek Liu

His nickname is actually Lanzer.

Derek was a wizard at Photoshop techniques even before they invented layers and multiple undos.

An electronics wizard who built arcade joysticks for the early game systems.

Travelled to Japan many times to go to get doujinshi.
He had a source for the early "Game Doctor" SNES cartridge copiers from Taiwan.
Andy Koo

He created the best CG opening logo for Arctic Animation.

As one of the first in our group to work out of Canada, he returns to Vancouver working in EA.

Rene Blais

He self titles himself as the "Dark One"

dark one.

He also declares himself to be a vampire.

He didn't only just play Vampire the Masquerade, he wore his black overcoat all day and night, summer and winter.

As a result of his integration of his cosplay skills into daily life, he also has the "special area attack."
Ed Don

He is a wealth of information about many topics.

Ed is an avid fan of console video games and would spend hours.

He sometimes takes his game too seriously, and goes into a raging frenzy because the game beat him. He is the only one of us, who injured himself on the video game console. He broke his wrist when he punched the wall after losing at Street Fighter II.
Tim Chan

He kept a secret stash of porn and dojinshi.

Tim worked at a video game rental shop so he was a great source for games.

Felix Webster

He dresses much like Rene and Jude.

As such, he also gains the "Special Aura Attack!".