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The year is 2007.

Dan's Wedding

Saturday, September 26, 2007

A long time coming, and a year in the planning comes down to this day. My friend Dan, finally ties the knot with his financee Purisma.

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Wuai Le at about 7:30pm. 4 lanes each way, normal evening commute.
At about 8:00pm, the first cropping of cars start blocking the "No parking signs" at the front gate. Note cars on the right.
Close up of those cars on the right. Yes, they have parallel parked and thus knocked out 1 of the 4 lanes. Remember, the kids get out at 8:45pm.
I am sure parents are sitting in their cars picking their nose for 45 minutes. But here is one thing they can do, clean their car.

8:20pm. A row of cars are PARKED in front of the gates, and a second lane of cars is double PARKED beside them. So 4 lanes is now to 2 on that side.
8:30pm. Another row of cars and cabs now double double park in that lane. Now 4 lanes is down to 1 on that side.
8:33pm. As you can see, only 1 lane on their side and soon only 2 lanes on this side as cabs start double parking on this side of the street.
8:38pm. Cabs and cars start double parking on this side. Waui Le is now down to 3 lanes, 1 on their side, 2 on this side.

8:39pm. Drivers that are choked to 1 lane get fustrated. This bus decides to cross the median and travel on the wrong side of the road.
8:45pm. Students start pouring out the gates. They start crossing the road. Note: white truck is travelling on the wrong side of the road.
8:46pm. Cars are stop and go because of the students walking between the cars. Note the car in foreground is ready to pull out but car in double parked in front of him.
8:47pm. Big pack of kids crossing in the center slow traffic to a crawl. Note car in foreground still can't move.

It will pretty much stay this way for the next 30 to 45 minutes. Lots of drivers will be honking their horns to no avail.

8:49pm. Kids arriving in many of the cars on this side of the street. Cars trying to pull out and cars & cabs stopping in 3rd and 4th lanes to pick up passengers.
8:50pm A sea of people and cars.
Fustrations will inevitably get higher and stress levels will go up. And to think this goes on every school day.

The Experimental Chinese Food Of The Day is:
Oishi Brand "Coffee Carmel Popcorn"

Ok, these guys didn't make a good Earl Grey Tea Popcorn, what made me think they could make a good coffee flavoured one?

Well, this time the popcorn was kinda bad. I must have got a bag near the end of the run, because it had a lot of hard kernels. A lot more than normal, I think. I may try another to see if it was better.

But back to the point, does it taste like coffee? Well there is this burnt flavour. It is not the burned popcorn. It is kinda reminding me of a roasted coffee. However, you know when I really concentrate, the flavour that stands out the most in this is actually the powdered coffee creamer taste.

The syrup on the corn is a lot darker than regular caramel that is for sure. So maybe it is a really dark roasted burned coffee that they were trying to replicate.