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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Laurie Makowski.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


Laurie had attended Quinson Elementary and has shown up in my class a few times throughout our years at Quinson, Lakewood and PGSS. I have always known her as an intelligent, hard working and athletic person. She was always constantly busy with volleyball or basketball or the yearbook.

Here she sits with other members of the high school volleyball team, Jackie Derosserio, Diana, and Wendy Wiseman.

She had lived near Quinson on Nicolson Street down by where Tim Boyce and that special shortcut to the elementary school. She had an older brother who is teaching at Quinson, whom I did meet during my trip in 2004.

In our younger years, I had kept in contact with her but as high school came around, we became busy with our school, work, hobbies, and clubs. I still remember a conversation I had with her in PGSS where she also commented, "What happened? We were so close."
I remember she had a cute slur to her voice when she got braces for her teeth. But she was strong and as she had to not only read in front of the class but also do a presentation in front of the class.
I will also remember Laurie for inventing one of those silly coined phrases that some people ended up picking up and repeating. It was ooo-wee. Now, it isn't like "ooo-wee, Sweet", and it isn't like "Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang", and it isn't like that Weezer song either. No, it is indeed the end of this song, "Hong Kong Fu -e, we love you -e, oo oo oo wee". Now isn't that cool to the max? I also remember a rather embrassing Quinson story, not just for me but probably for all the guys. Laurie and the"jock" girls went to a special girls (or maybe could have been mixed) training volleyball camp. When they got back, Mr. McIver, wanted the class to try some of the techniques they taught at the camp in gym class. One of them was the "team" was to lie in a line side by side, shoulder to shoulder, face down on the ground. Then the person on the very end of the line would roll on top the line and keep rolling over everyone till they got to the end, then next person would do the same. Now, in a co-ed gym class you can see how this can so sexually simulating to teenaged boys in puberty. The chance to touch and to roll over all the girls in the class! Then, have them roll their arms and breasts over your back!


1983 Lakewood Her grad comment reads: Mouse enjoys volleyball and basketball and can usually be found in the gym. She likes LJSS but can't wait to leave for PGSS!
1985 PGSS Her grad comment reads: "Auntie Ann" is a basketball loving Gemini who was born in Uganda. She hates bulk makeup and her big goal in life is to change the name "Laura Secord" to "Laurie Secord". Her fondest memory is getting caught cheating in Mr. Baylis's cross country running class. Tsk! Tsk!


From the information I got in 2004, she married Mr. Bryce's (a math teacher at Lakewood) son.

I could not really get in touch with Laurie directly. I had gotten her number from her brother who was working at Quinson in 2004. But I was unable to receive any calls or reach her. If anyone runs into her, please let her know I would like to contact her.