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The year is a sub page dedicated to my friend, Joe Henry.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


I met Joe when he was attending Lakewood. He was the pretty boy athletic jock type. I will always remember him for his absolutely "common" name.

After a brief email long while ago from information from classmates.com, he stumbled on my web page and he contacted me again. He comments, that he couldn't help spending about a half an hour of time reminiscing about old times.

He become an model turned executive.

He has shown up on many magazines and on TV and on MTV. His good looks has crowned him our PGSS celebrity for our 1985 year.


1983 Lakewood

1985 PGSS


He is the CEO of a Thailand public relations company named Vivaldi. Here is some biographical information about him from the zoominfo web site.


I initially contacted Joe back in 2003 from the information from classmates.com. He didn't write much except he did a bit TV work when he was in Hong Kong. He was starting is modelling career at around that time. We didn't do much email exchange for awhile.

In 2006, he contacted me again after running across my web page and doing some browsing. He sent me some recent pictures from his portfolio, and wow, I was amazed. You can contact him here.