William Chow's Personal Web Page

The year is 1985. I graduated out of Secondary high school, (that is grade 12 for the rest of you). Yay!! We are free. Haaha! Boy was that the hypocritical statement of the year! Out of the carefree world of school into the world of reality. Need money, get a job. Need a job, get an education. Need education, go to school. What a rat race. But now that I look back in retrospect, I really wish I could go back to those days at PGSS. What would I do differently? I would have spent more time enjoying myself, enjoying the company of my friends, and enjoying the carefreeness of youth. I would have to admit I spent way too much time being a studious nerd.

Below I have some of the photos of great times that were had. Feel free to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.



Taken on the front lawn of PGSS school, this is my uncontested favourite grad photo and my most treasured family photo.

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This is my from my Grad photos samples for this year.

Driver's License

This year I took my test for a BC Driver's License. As you can see from my test, my only fault was a fail to observe, 10 demerits. Why? I stood too long at a 4 way stop. Oh well. Could have been worse. Click on the icon above for the full test.

My Room

Like most kids at my age, we stuck pictures of all our favourite icons on the wall. In the 2000's, there are lots of loser rap band people that aren't worth the paper they are printed on, (hint a lot less than 50 cents).

So here was I listened to back in the 80's. Click on it and see how many you can recognize.